by Dan Roberts

Cambashi has released the latest version of its comprehensive BIM design software dataset, the BIM Design Observatory. Not only does the observatory give users a view of the market size in 50 countries worldwide, it also does so by 9 different application segments. This year, subscribers will get access to a powerful new dashboard built-in to the observatory.

The dashboard allows easy tailoring of the views, allowing users to gain insights quickly and easily, without needing to learn advanced spreadsheet skills. The picture below shows an example of the dashboard, focusing on Structural CAE and CAD in some smaller European countries.

BIM Design Observatory dashboard showing Structural BIM Design spending in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia and Greece
Figure 1 – The BIM Design Observatory dashboard showing Structural BIM Design spending in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia and Greece

The dashboard view quickly allows the user to see that there is more spent on Structural CAD in these countries than on Structural CAE (from the left-hand chart). You can also quickly see that Austria spends about twice as much on Structural BIM Design software than Czechia and both spend considerably more than Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece (from the table on the left). The chart on the right shows the growths – actuals for 2014 to 2016, with forecasts for 2017-2021. Greece is clearly growing at a slower rate than the other countries – in fact declining or close to zero throughout 2014-2017. Croatia saw very large growth in 2014 (albeit on a relatively small market). The recovery in 2018 is where the push towards subscription licensing is expected to mature, leading to a CAGR for 2016-2021 of 11-13%.

The BIM Design Observatory allows users to see this detail for more than 50 countries and 8 software types. It covers software used during the Design phase of the BIM process, as used by Architects, Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers, amongst others.

The worldwide market for these products was $3.1bn in 2016, excluding services and hardware. Once the market rebalances after the push towards subscription licensing, we expect strong growth through to 2021, with a forecast of $5.7bn spent on BIM Design software in 2021.

To obtain a sample of the BIM Design Observatory, click the button below.


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