In addition to the capabilities below, Charter members will be able to suggest additional providers, user types, countries,
segmentation etc. and to request the inclusion of aspects of other Cambashi observatories such as IIoT/Connected Applications
and Employment.

Questions we are hearing Current Cambashi capability
Who are the main players / competitors and what is their market share?The current BIM Observatory analyzes 28 named vendors and 55 products across Design, Construct and Operate by revenue.
Where are the growth opportunities? Can we see growth by country, product, industry?Our research covers AMER, APAC and EMEA and key countries / subregions such as US, China, Japan, DACH, France, UK.
What is the potential market by type of occupation? E.g. Architects, Structural Engineers. The Cambashi Employment Observatory details employment by occupation and industry sector.
Are BIM 4D / 5D / 6D tools covered?Cambashi`s BIM research covers all aspects of BIM and provides an integrated view of the sector; Design, Construct, Operate.
Where are the opportunities in our niche area?Custom segments can be extracted such as structural, civil and MEP.
What are the new trends in the Construction industry? How do they affect the BIM market?The BIM Charter will consider new trends such as modular construction, digital twins, visualization and BIM model capture.
How is the BIM market affected by Connected Applications and Industrial IoT?Cambashi’s new Connected Applications observatory quantifies trends in IIoT such as Connected Building, City, Worker, etc.

Charter Membership – how it works

Cambashi involves industry partners to scope and research
emerging market sectors. Charter members are invited to
input, steer and prioritize research agenda according to
specific requirements and “hard-to-get” information gaps
Cambashi has successfully applied approach to Connected
Applications/Industrial IoT global sector
Cambashi team undertakes “heavy-lifting” – with Charter
Members providing validation
The core benefits to Charter Members are:

  • Early access to key datasets for competitive advantage
  • Steer and prioritize the research agenda
  • Input on what is important for a Charter member’s planning process.

We are pleased to announce a Charter Membership for
BIM commencing February 2020. Contact us for more details

Charter Program Business Benefits

The Charter-driven research will help members to:

  • Optimize global sales and marketing resources (sales and marketing planning support)
  • Target the most promising geographic areas and construction sectors
  • Understand the competitive environment & measure competitive performance
  • Identify partners and acquisition targets
  • Assess comparative attractiveness and growth outlook of different market segments.


  • Observatory datasets, both existing and new
  • Analyst access
  • Thought leadership articles quarterly.


Cambashi operates an open, transparent pricing strategy – there is unrestricted access for Cambashi Observatories across the client organization based on internal use.

External licenses may be purchased to allow dataset to be deployed for repurposing – including publicity and sales enablement. Flexibility also allows “bundling” by combining market intelligence, custom research and training elements to offer integrated support for marketing initiatives.

BIM Charter Annual Membership is set at £27,500 with options from £12,500 depending on requirements.

Preferential fees are available for mid-size & smaller firms.

Contact us for more details