Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

We help AEC software vendors quantify relevant IT spending in global markets, uncover new trends and opportunities, and create world-class strategies.

The AEC industries represent 20% of the global market for engineering software.

In fact, the term AEC incorporates a huge diversity of design and construction activities, resulting in a very complex IT landscape.

From process plants to car factories, from bridges to underground transportation, the AEC industry provides many opportunities for technical software vendors.

But it also presents many challenges in terms of careful targeting of solutions to meet very demanding sector-specific requirements.

Chart showing CAD and BIM spend by AEC industry
Figure: Engineering software (CAD, BIM etc.) spend in AEC industries

The Challenges

Activities ranging from civil infrastructure to residential developments are subject to building codes and regulations that vary from country to country, giving rise to the presence of vendors focused on specific regions.

On the other hand, the complex project relationships that drive the design and construction of major process plants demand input from numerous engineering disciplines and many other participants – often geographically distributed.

Such projects rely on a host of sophisticated, discipline-specific applications that support worldwide project collaboration.

The technical applications opportunities have broadened further in recent years with the concept of Building Information Management (BIM) that not only aims to integrate all aspects of the AEC stages of a project, but also to extend the use of the data throughout the asset lifecycle.

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