Introduction to Manufacturing

The Introduction to Manufacturing curriculum provides a broad introduction to manufacturing activities and business functions.

Aimed at staff with little to no existing knowledge of manufacturing, they are ideal:

  • for equipping new hires with a solid understanding of this complex industry
  • getting them up to speed with the issues and challenges faced by your manufacturing customers
  • preparing them for studying the more in-depth Industry Focus curriculum
screenshot from the Introduction to Manufacturing training course detailing product development
Example screenshot from the Introduction to Manufacturing training course

Each self-paced course covers a different aspect of manufacturing operations:

Industry Overview provides a basic overview and understanding of the manufacturing industry

Running the Business is an introduction to the way most manufacturers work at a senior executive level. We also introduce the groups that support group business activity – namely Finance, Human Resources and IT

Product Development looks at the way in which manufacturers respond to changes in the market by developing new products and technologies to meet their customers’ needs

Supply Chain Management explains manufacturing supply chain management and procurement activities and the metrics used to assess supply chain performance

Plant Operations breaks down both discrete and process plant operations, focusing on everything from management roles, to production techniques, performance metrics and IT solutions

Logistics is an introduction to the pivotal role played by logistics and transportation in supporting a overall manufacturing operations

Sales, Marketing and Customer Services explains the importance of these functions and how they differ across various manufacturing sectors


Demo: Product Development in Manufacturing

Selected screenshots from one module of the Introduction to Manufacturing curriculum.