CAE Observatory: market size for over 400 vendors

Looking for a comprehensive, quantitative view of the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software market?

The Cambashi CAE Observatory presents worldwide revenues for more than 470 non-EDA companies providing 2D and 3D CAE and physics simulation software.

What applications are included?

Cambashi has developed this new data set with our long-term partner intrinSIM.

With a strong focus on the CAE and simulation market, intrinSIM brings additional insight to Cambashi’s primary research and robust market size and forecasting methods.

The scope covers 2D and 3D physics based simulation/analysis software & related services using discretization methods, including:

  • Finite Element
  • Finite Volume
  • Finite Difference
  • Discrete Element
  • Meshless Methods

We include applications covering:More-info-button

  • AEC /Civil
  • Biomedical
  • Process & Piping
  • Materials
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Geophysical /Climate
  • Shipbuilding & Maritime
  • Vulnerability

How is the data presented?

We present revenues split across three key axes:

Capability – Acoustics, Design Space Exploration (DSE), Electro-Magnetics (CEM), Fluids (CFD), Failure Modes, Manufacturing Processes, Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) Kinematics, Multi-Physics, Optics, Plastics, Pre/Post, Simulation Data Management (SDM), Structures (CSM), Thermal

Application – AEC /Civil, Biomedical, Process & Piping, Materials, Mechanical Product Design, Geophysical /Climate, Shipbuilding & Maritime, and Vulnerability

Industry – AEC, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Machinery, Process /Pharma, Public Sector, Services, Telecoms /Utilities, Transportation


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