Cambashi BIM Design Observatory: Market Size in 57 countries

Get insight into target markets using a robust statistical snapshot of a country’s market demand for 8 sub-categories of BIM Design software.

Targeted at providers and resellers of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software, the Cambashi BIM Design Observatory provides accurate, detailed, consistent market numbers to support coordinated strategy and planning activities.

Figure 1 – example chart from the BIM Design Observatory

The provision of these market numbers has been developed by Cambashi in collaboration with AEC/BIM Design stakeholders.

Cambashi has a 30 year, proven track record in the provision of market numbers to the AEC/BIM Design industries.

“Cambashi, in our view, delivered the best quality market data available for the AEC market, from a proven track record” – Jens Lederer, Nemetschek Group

The market data cover end user expenditure revenues for software, excluding services (e.g. consulting, implementation, training) and other non-software items (e.g. hardware).

The data is broken down by the following sub-categories:

  • CAD
  • Architectural CAD
  • Structural CAD
  • Structural CAE
  • Civil CAD
  • Civil CAE
  • MEP
  • Other (collaboration, estimating, data management and surveying software tools)

Data is provided for each of these segments in 57 worldwide countries, with 4 years historic data and forecasts to 2020.


Reliable data ensure stakeholders buy-in to the marketing plan

For BIM market planners who need to size just one or more of the sub-segments, such as MEP design software or Structural Analysis software, there has been little reliable, authoritative market data.

Cambashi’s BIM Design Observatory gives market planners the detailed view they need, enabling them to plan with real data, rather than relying on gut feel and estimates. That can make the difference between global buy-in to the plan or having key stakeholders walk away.

Our BIM Design data enables you to:

  • forecast market demand by country
  • perform country-by-country comparisons to derive targets for sales and marketing initiatives
  • create a starting point for detailed investigations of one or more country markets
  • account for currency differences between countries and regions

You can perform all of these market analyses for each of the 8 sub-categories – Architectural CAD, Civil CAD, Civil CAE, MEP, Structural CAD, Structural CAE, general purpose CAD, and Other software tools (collaboration, estimating, data management and surveying).

This data set is available as a ‘one-off’ or through a subscription service.

A user’s view

Nemetschek’s Business Development group researched the available market reports and identified Cambashi as being the team that could help.

Jens Lederer, Director of Business Development for Nemetschek Group, said “We want to provide a consistent and relevant data set that offers help to all stakeholders – across the group, for individual brands, and regionally. Cambashi, in our view, delivered the best quality market data available for the AEC Market, from a proven track record.”

Sample dataset

To enable you to see exactly what’s in the Observatory, we have created a version with randomised data. This allows you to see exactly what you get, but obviously without useful data.

To get your sample, simply click the button below:


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