Cambashi Employment Observatory: Market Size by Potential User – 150 Occupation Types

Visualise the demand for software applications by exploring the number of potential users in defined industry sectors and territories.

This Observatory provides an estimate of the number of potential users for a product. Its scope extends to 150 occupations and across 110 industries – all in 50 countries worldwide.

Figure 1: example chart from the Cambashi Employment Observatory – Mechanical Engineers in Thailand by industry sector

What is it?

Using nationally-reported data, combined with Cambashi intelligence on industry-wide activities, this is an invaluable tool for establishing market potential before developing and launching a new product or service.More-info-button

This data set is available as a “one off” or through a subscription service.

What does it do?

The Cambashi Employment Observatory helps you to:

  • assess potential user base for a product or service aimed at particular occupations and industries
  • support market penetration by targeting specific user populations within an industry

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