This data set provides competitive data by key geography and revenue stream for the 28 leading design and engineering software providers (CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, PLM, AEC, and so on).

Figure 1: example chart from Cambashi Product Observatory – revenue by selected BIM, CAD, CAE, GIS and PLM products

What it does

It provides intelligence on technical application software sales for over 65 different products and is a comprehensive platform for:More-info-button

  • competitive analysis
  • global and regional planning
  • strategic investment decisions

This data set is available as a “one-off” or through a subscription service.

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The Cambashi Product Observatory enables you to:

  • estimate relative market share
  • visualize current trends by technical application and geographic region
  • run what-if scenarios to show risk exposure by industry or product type
  • support regional planning and quarterly and year-end reporting
  • measure performance relative to the market and competitive offerings

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