New Industrial IoT / Connected Applications Market Portfolio

What Cambashi is hearing from Providers

“Our corporate IoT/Digital Transformation strategy isn’t getting through to the field sales teams“

“I don’t trust anyone’s industrial IoT numbers or methodology”

“Providers are concerned that customers perceive that ‘IoT’ and ‘Digital Transformation’ may be just hype”

“Many of our customers are looking at technical solutions before ensuring they have a well thought-out business proposition”

“We don’t know what are the ‘hot’ market areas to go for”

“Customers are confused by all the different ‘IoT’ offerings“

Cambashi’s solution is to start an industry-led research program.

Thought Leadership and Publications

Cambashi’s analysts have been writing thought leadership pieces for both this website and the wider press.

Read our latest thought-provoking articles.

Cambashi’s IIoT research journey

2012Embedded Software research initiated.

2017/18 – Published IIoT Landscape report to define market
structure & players – with industry validation.

2018Charter introduced to invite industry collaboration for
defining global segmentation and sizing standards.

2019 – Use Case & Case Study analysis underway to support
sizing and assessment of “business value” of Connected

2019 June – Inaugural Connected Applications Observatory
is published – global sizing & forecasts by 9 “connected”
Market Areas across 3 regions – US, EMEA, APAC.

2020 – Connected Applications sizing & forecast to be made
more granular. Next research phase is on Industrial IoT Services

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Market Data (‘Observatories’)

  • New, global industrial IoT (IIoT) segmentation – built with industry collaboration
  • New, global sizing & forecast – by Connected Applications/ Market Area/global regions
  • Use Case & Case Study analysis
Cambashi's 9 Connected Applications for IIoT
Cambashi’s 9 Connected Applications for IIoT


  • Strategic Review Assessments – interactive and confidential.
  • Publicity & corporate messaging support


  • Understand IIoT/Digital Transformation product & services ecosystem
  • Make customer facing staff to be fluent in the business issues driving Digital Transformation and IoT investment

Connected Applications Observatory: Available June 2019

Indicative chart with randomly generated data for illustrative purposes only


  • Reliable figures for market sizing and growth projections (3 year forecast) in the 9 Market Areas and 3 global geographies, by provider
  • For each provider, there is a list of Connected Applications that they offer
  • These fall into one or many of the Market Areas

Observatory Business Benefits

  • Optimize global sales and marketing resources
  • Target the most promising geographic areas and industries
  • Assess comparative attractiveness and growth outlook of different Market Areas

Use Case & Case Study Analysis

Why is this so important?

Use Cases show where providers are developing Connected Applications and in which Market Areas. This is valuable for product planning and sales focus.

Case Studies, and interviews with actual users, show the
business value, budget process and benefits by analyzing
how the money flows in IIoT deals.

Use Cases and Case Studies are available as custom
data sets with analytics.

Key Questions re: “Business Value”

  1. Where did the budget come from? Opex, Capex, strategic initiative, special project? Justification criteria?
  2. How was the money spent? Consultants, System Integrators, hardware, commercial software, internal development, etc.
  3. Which employees were touched? Not only those involved in the creation but also the users and anyone in the chain that is affected.
  4. What were the benefits? From efficiency savings to business transformation.

Consulting Services

Custom projects, typical examples include:

  • Deeper dive into datasets to assess new opportunity sub-segments
  • Market opportunity and size assessments
  • Identification of emerging trends and disrupters

Strategy Reviews

  • On-site reviews for validation to help clients bullet-proof their strategic & tactical go-to-market plans & execution
  • Publicity & corporate messaging support

Training Solutions

Cambashi, in collaboration with our training partner – Performance Solutions International (PSI) – has a global track record in delivering industry-focused, on-line sales enablement and on-boarding programs. Our solutions offer fast, effective acquisition of industry knowledge and provide sales and other customer-facing executives with the insight and confidence they need to engage more effectively with key decision makers in manufacturing verticals.

Our extensive research into the IIoT space has driven the development of unique content for this sector, including insight into:

  • What the Industrial IoT is, how it has evolved, and how it fits into the strategic context of Digital Transformation
  • The many tools, software platforms, and professional services that make up the Industrial IoT ecosystem
  • The business value case for IIoT – based on actual Use Cases & Case Studies
  • Your customer’s IIoT journey and how to engage with them
  • Our flexible delivery methods include instructor-led training, bespoke webinars and off-the-shelf e-learning.

Investment Policies & Options

Cambashi operates an open, transparent pricing strategy – there is unrestricted access for Cambashi Observatories across the client organization based on internal use.

External licenses may be purchased to allow dataset to be deployed for repurposing – including publicity and sales enablement.

Flexibility also allows “bundling” by combining market intelligence, custom research and training elements to offer integrated support for marketing initiatives.

Preferential fees are often available for mid-size & smaller firms.

Please get in touch – we are confident that we can work with you to deliver business value for your investment in Cambashi solutions.

Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation Charter program

We are promoting an industry-led initiative to guide scope and segmentation to achieve best fit for future business and marketing planning.  Selected providers will be invited to become Founder Members in the Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation Charter Program. 

More about the Charter Program can be found here.