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The ‘Trough of Disillusionment’

It’s been difficult to avoid articles and reports on the industrial ‘Internet of Things’ and Digital Transformation for the past few years, but there isn’t a consensus on the size of the market, or how it will grow in the next few years. In fact, there isn’t even agreement on how to define or segment this market. To provide much needed clarity Cambashi, in consultation with industry partners, has derived a draft market segmentation model – see image below. This comprises nine important, connected ‘Market Areas’ into which most industrial IoT applications can be placed. Along with the underlying IoT technology and Digital Transformation services, this provides a picture of the ‘industrial IoT market’.

Draft Industrial IoT segmentation showing Connected market Areas
Draft Industrial IoT segmentation showing Connected Market Areas

Cambashi recently spoke with the CTO of a leading IoT company who wondered if we were moving into the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’. Clearly for this company, and for many others we have spoken with, the upward trend isn’t proceeding with the same initial vigor, and the press isn’t as glowing as it was. 

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