Industrial IoT / Connected applications and Digital Transformation Trends

Cambashi in conjunction with Credit Suisse has published a report “The industrial Internet of Things. Connected Applications and Digital Transformation Trends”. Cambashi’s research into the industrial IoT market sector supports the Credit Suisse theme of ‘hardware companies buying software companies’; many established ‘OT’ (Operations Technology) companies are moving into or acquiring software companies in order to stay in the game, defend against disrupters and increase growth. There is a long tail of smaller companies and the sector will coalesce, leading to mergers and acquisitions.

October, 2020, By Alan Griffiths and Joe Brooker of Cambashi in conjunction with Andre Kukhnin and Iris Zheng of Credit Suisse.

This free Briefing Paper focuses on four of the trends identified by Cambash, based on Cambashi Industrial IoT and connected Applications Observatory.

Industrial IoT market trends

  • Manufacturing companies will look to their enterprise system providers for solutions;
  • Industrials will move into the software business using IoT technology;
  • IoT will be used as a catalyst for ‘digital transformation;
  • There will be consolidation amongst the IoT providers.

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