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Total potential market opportunity for engineering software

Is there still opportunity for growth for engineering software? Where are those future growth opportunities?

While traditional engineering software tools have catered for the 10 million architects and designers worldwide, and newer capabilities have enabled the 44 million engineers and engineering technicians to refine product specifications, there are many occupations engaged in supporting the delivery of engineering programmes that have been less well served. Cambashi’s Employment Observatory is an invaluable tool to establish market potential for the various engineering software segments in defined industry sectors and territories.

Engineering Software Opportunity Pyramid

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This database is a comprehensive, consistent and multi-perspective dataset containing detailed information on the size of potential user communities for engineering software (BIM, CAE, PLM, CAD/CAM, etc.)

Software Industry Profession Database

Benefits of employment data

  • Supports market opportunity analysis.
  • Calculate the total potential number of software seats.
  • Visualize the demand for software applications by exploring the number of potential users in defined industry sectors and territories.
  • Support market penetration by targeting specific user populations within an industry.
  • Assess potential user base for a product or service aimed at particular occupations and industries.
  • Supports planning for transition to a subscription model.

BIM-Related Profession database

Data from the Cambashi Employment Observatory shows that world-wide there are 8x the number of managers and skilled trades people compared with architects, engineers and technicians. This represents a significant opportunity not only for BIM software vendors but also for businesses looking for further efficiencies as part of digital transformation.

BIM Software Opportunity Pyramids

The chart highlights the global untapped potential for BIM software. Using nationally-reported data, combined with Cambashi intelligence on industry-wide activities, the Cambashi Employment Observatory is an invaluable tool for establishing market potential before developing and launching a new product or service.


Using nationally-reported data, combined with Cambashi intelligence on industry-wide activities, this is an invaluable tool for establishing market potential before developing and launching a new product or service.

This data set is available as a “one off” or through a subscription service.

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Employment Database Release frequency

The Cambashi Employment Observatory is updated on a yearly basis and released at the beginning of the year presenting aggregate employment figures across different industries, occupations and various countries for that single “base year”.

Industry Profession Database Sources and Methods

Data sources used for generation of Cambashi market data include but are not limited to international statistical sources, econometrics data, national statistics, 3rd party research, public financial sources, analysts, Cambashi research, and company reports.

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