Industry Training

Cambashi`s world-class industry training and e-learning offers a comprehensive introduction to manufacturing and related industries: oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, high-tech, machinery, utilities, chemicals.

Training and E-learning about the Manufacturing Industry

Cambashi provides access to the industry e-learning curriculum in conjunction with industry insights and glossary to deepen your business and industry-specific oriented conversations.

Re-focus your sales and marketing teams away from communicating solely in terms of product features, and help them address the things that really matter to executive decision-makers in a particular industry sector.

E-learning Curriculum

Self-paced e-learning courses for a number of vertical industries that establish the foundational vertical knowledge needed to build overall industry competency and engage effectively with key roles from the industries. Courses link to the relevant Industry Insights to access latest trend

Utilities industry training


▪ Differentiate between the terminology used in the utilities industry
▪ Identify the basic industry structure and the roles of the different business units in a typical company
▪ Identify metrics used to measure aspects of corporate performance
▪ Identify some of the key trends and drivers affecting the utilities industry

Cambashi Machinery industry training


▪ Answer questions about the structure of the industry
▪ Identify a wide range of products and understand the manufacturing processes
▪ Identify key business processes and performance indicators
▪ Distinguish between the initiatives
▪ Identify areas where IT systems are improving processes

Cambashi HighTech industry training

High Tech

▪ Identify the industry terminology
▪ Identify the relationships between typical companies in the high tech supply chain and understand the structure of a typical business
▪ Pick out some of the major issues faced by high tech companies in today’s industry
▪ Differentiate between the initiatives they take to respond to business issues

Oil and gas industry training

Oil and Gas

▪ Identify a range of industry terminology
▪ Identify the basic structure
▪ Distinguish between ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ activities
▪ Identify key challenges and initiatives, as well as metrics used to measure company performance
▪ Identify some of the industry regulations and sustainability initiatives

Automotive industry training


▪ Identify the different categories of automotive products and grasp the different strategies that influence design and production
▪ Identify the structure of the automotive industry and recall the activities of companies
▪ Distinguish between the key issues and industry trends
▪ Recognize some of the metrics to monitor performance

Aerospace industry training


▪ Identify companies operating in both the civil and defense aerospace sectors
▪ Grasp the key characteristics defining the industry through to manufacture and after sales support
▪ Differentiate and recall the relationships between members of the aerospace supply chain
▪ Recognize the business implications of current aerospace industry trends
▪ Identify the industry terminology

Chemicals industry training


▪ Identify differences between the major chemicals sectors
▪ Apply knowledge about the structure of the industry
▪ Identify how companies interact
▪ Recognize the role of various business functions
▪ Recall key metrics used to measure business performance
▪ Answer questions regarding industry trends and initiatives.

Our courses cover processes common to most manufacturing industries.

Manufacturing industries overview, running the business, product development, supply chain management, plant operations, logistics, sales, marketing and customer service

Our Industry Training Advantages


Continuous and spaced learning allows professionals to learn at their own pace.


Our interactive courses include videos, graphics, animations and real-life presenters.

Keeping Pace with Industry Changes

Our courses cover basic economic drivers, key issues and main concepts within each industry, which are linked to the relevant industry insights and glossary.


Over 10,000 sales professionals use our curriculum to improve their industry knowledge

Manufacturing Industry Insights

Cambashi “Insights” offers tactical industry intelligence updated in real-time by industry experts. Our Industry Insights cover the latest trends & challenges, business drivers, products & services, industry news and key issues within each manufacturing industry.

  • Quick “prep” for executive meetings
  • Stay up-to-date when meeting with clients
  • Build credibility in client conversations
  • Rapidly search industry topics
  • Reinforce what has been learned in the courses “as needed”

Industry Glossary

Quickly search industry terminology and drill down to gain deeper knowledge across a variety of industry subjects by accessing Cambashi Industry Glossary.

Cambashi Industry training tools used by Professional Services firms – e.g. Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Grant Thornton – and by Technology vendors – e.g. IBM, SAS, AT&T, HPE

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Latest News

  • The Importance of Industry-Specific Knowledge
    Every industry has its own ‘language’ or jargon, and there’s nothing worse than being an ‘outsider’ and not understanding the fundamentals of an industry’s specific language. Here are some ways to avoid this:
  • Cambashi Insights provide the inside track for successful business growth
     Cambashi, a global leader in research, consulting and training for engineering and industrial software markets, is enabling executives in companies that supply manufacturing to make more informed decisions as industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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