Market Data for the Engineering Software Industry

In-depth market intelligence and analysis for the engineering software industry, either in the form of licensed data services or custom consultancy projects.  

Cambashi Observatories – market size, share and forecast

The Cambashi Market Observatories are a truly unique set of consistent and multi-perspective datasets. They provide detailed information on software spend by country, industry and product, and on the size of user communities, for a range of software types.

Executives rely on Cambashi for qualified, impartial intelligence to support strategic planning and align internal resources, capabilities, and product planning.

Cambashi BIM market size, share, trends and forecast
Employment Observatory – Software Industry Profession Database
Computer-Aided Technologies (CAD, CAM, CAE) Market data, size, trends and forecast
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Market Share, Size, Trends and Forecast
System Engineering and Embedded Software Market trends, size, share and forecast
Cambashi Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Market trends, data, size, share, and forecast
Cambashi Industrial IoT IIoT and Connected Applications Market Data, Share, trends, forecast and Size
Cambashi Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market size, share, trends and forecast
Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Software Market size, share, trends and forecast

Each data set provides a different way of measuring the use of engineering software in industry, and can be used in combination to support business planning at global, regional and local levels.

Engineering Software Markets Customised Datasets

Our projects are tailored to reflect each unique client requirement, whether in specific sectors, application areas or geographies.

Access to all of Cambashi’s datasets are flexible. Clients can focus their view of the data on the most important details by limiting the scope – either geographically (i.e. only including countries of interest) or by industry sector, or even by product/provider.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Media & Entertainment software segments market share, size, trends and forecast

Cambashi Product / Country / Industry (PCI) Database

The Product / Country / Industry (PCI) database is a superset of multiple databases, allowing customers to tailor the data to support their individual planning requirements by creating customised extracts. The database includes all the vendors and products of the BIM, CAx, PLM and GIS observatories detailed above, as well as some visualization products.

Revenues are segmented by country, as well as by industry sector (100+ sectors), and type of software (e.g. BIM, GIS etc.). The database covers 60 providers covering 132 products and monitors private companies that comprise the long tail of the market (1000+ providers).

The products available in the Cambashi PCI Database cover a broad range of software segments: rchitecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),  Geographic Information System (GIS) and Media & Entertainment software segments database
  • Accurate size and forecast by segment
  • Estimate relative market share
  • Run what-if scenarios to show risk exposure by industry or product type
  • Support regional planning and quarterly and year-end reporting
  • Measure performance relative to the market and competitive offerings
  • Identify specific industry sectors to target sales and marketing campaigns
  • Perform country-by-country comparisons to derive targets for sales & marketing initiatives
  • Account for currency differences between countries and regions


The Observatory is updated on a quarterly basis. This data set is available as a “one off” or through an annualised subscription service.

Cambashi Methodology Overview

Multiple approaches enable consistent, reliable datasets. We use a series of constrain, refine and converge processes to ensure that datasets are consistent with Provider data, Country data, Industry data and Employment data.

Multiple inputs and multiple approaches ensures that market data is consistent with vendor revenues, number of potential users and user companies’ budgets

Policies & Options

Cambashi operates an open, transparent pricing strategy – there is unrestricted access for Cambashi Observatories across the client organization based on internal use.

External licenses may be purchased to allow datasets to be deployed for re-purposing – including publicity and sales enablement.

Flexibility also allows “bundling” by combining market intelligence, custom research, and training elements to offer integrated support for marketing initiatives.

Preferential fees are often available for mid-size & smaller firms.

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