Sales & Marketing Strategy & Planning Advisory

Cambashi is uniquely positioned to develop detailed analyses of the design and engineering software market.

Strategic Planning

Vendors seeking a framework for sales and marketing planning, or perhaps financiers trying to understand the market opportunity for an investment target, often require a highly detailed analysis that combines quantitative demand information with:

  • qualitative assessments of product suitability
  • competitive activity
  • likely routes to market

Our projects are tailored to reflect each unique client requirement, whether in specific industry sectors, application areas or geographies.

We use our proprietary market data, the Cambashi Market Observatories, to blend the appropriate market perspectives – industry, country, employment, vendor, product – with the insights gained from our continuous analysis of the technical applications market.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Marketing actions must help win business. To do this successfully, they need to guide your prospects to positive answers to two key questions:

  • Will I buy this solution?
  • Will I buy it from you?

Whether it is detection of opportunity signals in the marketplace, a software product launch or business development initiatives, Cambashi’s market knowledge helps define the optimum approach and use of resources.

From thought leadership, white papers and keynote presentations to sales workshops, pursuit lists and briefing notes, our marketing services will help turn your plans into business success.

Software Industry Market Intelligence

An annual Observatory service provides several important entitlements that fit together to offer strategic decision-making support, specifically.
Unique proprietary datasets covering market size, share and forecasts for key industry segments and sub-segments.


Our experienced consultants help engineering software vendors analyse markets across a range of manufacturing sectors and their 100+ sub-sectors.

Understanding and being responsive to rapid changes in the markets you serve enables you to position your business for success.

We analyse, and produce market data quantifying technical software use (PLM, IoT, GIS, BIM, CAD, CAM etc) in, these industry sectors or their 100+ sub-sectors:


The core of our business is based on our on-going research and analysis of the use of IT in industry.

We also study the markets for an array of associated technologies – business applications and IT infrastructure elements – that must all converge to create competitive differentiation.

Custom data projects

  • extending the scope of standard datasets
  • researching new technology areas
  • using new and existing data to solve complex problems

Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Training

Cambashi research informs unique suite of world class online industry training courses – these provide comprehensive introduction to the various manufacturing industries.

Over 10,000 professionals each year use our training curriculum to improve their industry knowledge, and gain the confidence and credibility they need to interact with decision-makers more effectively, and sell more successfully.

According to a survey of technology buyers:

57% expressed frustration that vendor salespeople aren’t knowledgeable enough about their industries

a huge 77% found that salespeople don’t understand their business issues well enough to demonstrate the value of their products
Industry vertical knowledge is one of the 4 elements of sales success

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