Cambashi is a global market research, industry
analysis, consulting & training firm, focused on
engineering and industrial software markets.

Why Cambashi

Cambashi’s unique combination of industry analysis and marketing consultancy has enabled us to help hundreds of companies and organizations all over the world to evaluate and plan courses of action and to improve the resulting business outcomes.

The combination of data and knowledge that we contribute to every project helps to ensure that our client’s team is equipped with the information necessary to confidently make informed decisions.

How we can help you

 Provide accurate market forecasts t
Assess market positions and share
Evaluate your competition
Develop market penetration strategies
Provide industry knowledge for your sales and marketing teams
Build intelligence on prospective partners, mergers, and acquisitions
Identify market opportunities

Our Services

Market Data

Cambashi provides in-depth market intelligence and analysis, either in the form of data services or custom data projects

Investor Solutions

Cambashi`s data and insights allow investors to make critical decisions by undertaking analysis of companies in the “sweet spot” of investment

Sales & Marketing Advisory

Cambashi provides industry leaders with a framework for strategic decision making and sales & marketing planning

Industry Training

Re-focus your people away from communicating solely in terms of product features with Cambashi world-class industry training

Our Multi-Dimensional Research Approach

1) Economic size and employment data for 112 industries in each of 56 countries

2) ‘Demand-side’ view of the market for each software type (CAx, PLM, BIM, IoT, MOM, etc.)

3) ‘Supply-side’ view of the market:

  • At the global level
  • By industry
  • Research in-country provider revenue
  • Research in-country office and reseller presence

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