Cambashi is a global market research, industry analysis, consulting & training firm, focused on engineering and industrial software markets.

Bentley Systems quoted Cambashi data in its FORM S-1
Bentley Systems FORM S-1 prospectus contains references to certain data derived from Cambashi Observatories and a research report …
Autodesk quoted Cambashi`s data in its 2020 Investor Overview
Autodesk Forecasts Large TAM Using Cambashi Dataset – Converting Non-Paying Users Underpins Growth Opportunity In AEC and Manufacturing
Credit Suisse webinar synopsis – industrial IoT & Software market insights
Credit Suisse hosted a webinar with Cambashi industrial IoT and Engineering Software market intelligence to discuss the competitive …
Bentley quoted Cambashi’s data in its Q3 2020 earnings presentation
In its recent public offering presentation, Bentley estimated, referencing Cambashi data sources, that the TAM for Infrastructure Engineering …
Systems Engineering white paper sponsored by Dassault Systèmes
We explored the application of systems engineering in the medical devices industry in a recent white paper sponsored …

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Cambashi provides in-depth market intelligence and analysis, either in the form of data services or custom data projects.

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Cambashi`s data and insights allow investors to make critical decisions by undertaking analysis of companies in the “sweet spot” of investment.


Cambashi provides industry leaders with a framework for strategic decision making and sales & marketing planning.

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Re-focus your people away from communicating solely in terms of product features with Cambashi world class industry training courses.

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