Market & Business Intelligence for Technology Investors

Cambashi`s data and insights allow technology investors to make critical decisions and serve our investor clients by undertaking analyses of companies that are in the “sweet spot” of the firm’s investment strategy.

Our database includes coverage of medium-sized firms, which represents valuable, hard to get information.

Cambashi focuses on the high-growth software markets including the emerging Industrial IoT, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and CAE/Simulation segments. Cambashi is historically known for its consistent, global, numbers-based market sets – ‘Observatories’ – using a methodology that has allowed the firm to successfully support global clients.

How we work with technology investors

Cambashi has a successful track record in supporting Investor firms with target identification and commercial validation in the Engineering and Industrial software space.

Our investor service provides ongoing and immediate access to Observatories (datasets) and insight tailored to requirements on a flexible and as-needed basis.

Save your time

We are pleased to be able to provide “off-the-shelf” datasets and dataset extractions quickly.

Market intelligence

Industry trends, thematic tracking, market segmentation, and provider analysis.

Project Consulting

Our analysts have long years of experience providing analytical assessments.

Global – but granular

Granular to country-level, tailored to a particular industry view or sub-sector performance.

Technology Investor Service Deliverables


  • Off-the-shelf data
  • Custom extractions
  • Trends
  • Market share

Analyst Briefings

  • Qualitative assessments
  • Vendor insight
  • Thematic overview
  • Sector performance

Data Projections

  • Forecasts
  • Sector performance
  • Individual player

Sub-Sector Research

  • Vendor selection
  • Industry selection
  • Country selection
  • Custom segmentation

Company Assessment

  • Competitive analysis
  • Commercial appraisal
  • Strategic M&A
  • Score Card

Rising Stars

  • “Rising Star” analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Summary reports
  • Trends

Typical questions we answer

  • What is the historical growth of the market and the projected growth over the next 5 years?
  • Which sub-segments are growing faster than others?
  • Who are the main competitors? Can you identify disruptive, new entrants?
  • Can you help us identify companies that are well-positioned to benefit from industry trends and achieve above-market growth – particularly in the burgeoning BIM, CAE and Industrial IoT Space?
  • For our commercial due diligence, we need to assess a company’s market position, historical performance and industry trends. How can you help?
  • Can you help us evaluate a firm’s ability to achieve its forecast projections?
  • Can you provide an assessment of segments in terms of actual users (licenses) as well as revenue?

Who we serve

Organisations including global investment banks, Tier 1 / Tier 2 PE firms, management consultancies and VC firms. If your team risks spending too much time finding the right content in the industrial software space – contact Cambashi.


We recognize that each client only wants to pay for what they specifically need from an external source, so access to Cambashi’s Investor Support Program varies in size, scope, and structure – often linked to a specific investment under consideration.

Flexible datasets can be extracted from Observatories according to your needs and budget.

Pricing Guidelines:
• Flexible
• Low entry level
• Each unit – $1k

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