Our unique market data, cross-industry knowledge and vast experience provide unmatched insight into PLM applications, market growth trends and vendor opportunities.

PLM and CAx (CAD, CAM, CAE) market outlook by country

Here the chart shows the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on PLM & CAx spending in all 59 countries, and the knock-on effects over the next five years.

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Cambashi’s comprehensive view of the manufacturing software market includes data for over 60 products covering MCAD, CAM, MCAE, and PLM; across 59 countries; and 112 industries.

How we can help

For some, “PLM” is a technology, for others it is a collection of IT-supported business processes.

Whatever your view, Cambashi provides market data, analysis and forward-looking analysis and opinion that supports planning, marketing and strategic decision-making.

The PLM landscape is continually changing driven by technology developments and ever increasing demands on cost, efficiency and regulation.

PLM Software Market Database

Vendors are wondering:

  • how the cloud, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the reach of PLM?
  • where are the new, as yet untapped users?
  • where do we need to venture next to achieve further improvements and bottom line benefits?

Licensed Market Data services

To help answer these questions, Cambashi’s comprehensive market data offers multiple views of the market by geography, industry, software provider and potential user base.

Using these views, we are able to segment, quantify and map out the PLM market according to each client’s unique definition.

The result is an unrivalled platform which helps IT vendors anticipate market trends, and plan successful strategies, including:

  • marketing planning
  • allocation of resources
  • a host of other strategic investment decisions

As well as providing data, we pride ourselves on our reputation as independent market experts.

Our analysts can use our data services as a platform for custom consulting projects, offering client-specific insights into PLM – either in specific industries or in particular regions or countries.

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