Cambashi Market Observatory Methodology Overview

Multiple approaches enable consistent, reliable datasets. We rigorously apply a series of constrain, refine and converge processes to ensure that datasets are consistent with Provider data, Country data, Industry data and Employment data.

Data sources used for the generation of Cambashi market data include but are not limited to international statistical sources, econometrics data, national statistics, 3rd party research, public financial sources, analysts, Cambashi research, and company reports.

Units and Data Metrics

  • Data is provided in three currencies USD, EUR and Constant USD (“Const”). For Observatories with a country dimension, data is also available in local currency.
  • Exchange rates are provided by Oxford Economics and include forecasted exchange rates for future years.
  • Data is provided in Software Provider Revenue (SPR) terms. It includes software licences, maintenance, and subscription revenues. It excludes provider services, reseller margin and sales tax.
Cambashi market observatory methodology
Multiple inputs and multiple approaches ensures that market data is consistent with vendor revenues, number of potential users and user companies’ budgets

Geographic Coverage

AMER – Americas region – The Americas comprises all the countries of the North America and South American geographic continent, including islands of the Caribbean and the Pacific, and Atlantic and Pacific island dependencies of those countries. It excludes remaining dependent territories of other countries, e.g. French Guiana.

APAC – Asia, Pacific region – Asia comprises all the countries of the Asian geographic continent, except Russia, Turkey and the Middle East as defined below in EMEA; plus all the Indian Ocean islands, except those included below in our definition of Africa. Note that South Asia, including India, and Central and South West Asian countries, such as Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, are included in our definition of Asia. The Pacific region comprises all the countries of Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean); Island nations of the Pacific such as Chinese Taipei, Japan and the Philippines; and Oceania (island groupings of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia), except for the remaining dependent territories of countries e.g. Guam for the USA; New Caledonia for France etc.

EMEA – Europe, Middle East and Africa region – Europe comprises all the countries of the European geographical continent, plus their dependent territories such as Greenland, Reunion, Tahiti, French Guiana; plus Russia; plus Turkey. Africa comprises all the countries of the African geographical continent, including Egypt, plus offshore Indian Ocean States such as the Comoros, Seychelles, Malagasy and Mauritius. The Middle East comprises all the states on the Arabian geographic peninsula; plus Israel, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria; plus the former Soviet Union trans-Caucasus republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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