Whatever happened to the industrial IoT? 2021 MARKET ANALYSIS, FORECAST AND TRENDS REPORT

February, 2021, By Alan Griffiths and Joe Brooker

The purpose of this new report is to:

  • Capture the main trends and market drivers over the last three years and into the future.
  • Identify key players and possible disrupters.
  • Use metrics from Cambashi’s IIoT and Connected Applications research – combined with other econometric sources – to make evidence-based market forecasts.
  • Predict possible scenarios for the evolution of the industry.

How the Industrial IoT Market Is Evolving – And Who Are the Disrupters? Briefing Paper Two

April, 2021, By Alan Griffiths and Joe Brooker

A sign that the market is maturing is that investment in IoT technologies is rarely standalone. Most industrial automation projects now involve IoT, and Connected Applications can deliver this as part of a broader solution – often involving enterprise systems such as ERP, PLM/CAx, MOM and BIM. Due to the huge market potential and the different types of company involved in this area, it is very likely that disrupters will emerge that are not ‘typical IoT companies’.

The Industrial Internet of Things Connected Applications and Digital Transformation Trends: Update Briefing Paper One

October, 2020, By Alan Griffiths and Joe Brooker of Cambashi in conjunction with Andrew Kukhnin and Iris Zheng of Credit Suisse.

Cambashi’s research into the industrial IoT market sector supports the Credit Suisse theme of ‘hardware companies buying software companies’; many established ‘OT’ (Operations Technology) companies are moving into or acquiring software companies in order to stay in the game, defend against disrupters and increase growth. There is a long tail of smaller companies and the sector will coalesce, leading to mergers and acquisition.

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 The industrial Internet of Things and Digital Transformation Market Landscape and Trends

January 2018, by Alan Griffiths and Peter Thorne

This report describes the landscape of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market, covering the complex ecosystem of technology providers and how the IoT can be an enabler for digital transformation in a range of industries. It is intended for senior executives involved in company strategy and business planning as well as operational executives in resource planning, sales and marketing.

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Industrial IoT Related Articles

Why OT and IT companies are investing in IIoT/Connected Applications

CEO Insider, By Alan Griffith – January 29, 2021

The industrial IoT market is of great interest to software providers and investors as it is growing so quickly. Cambashi’s analysis shows the route to market for industrial IoT is through Connected Applications that link real-world ‘things’ to information systems, and leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and other analytic capabilities to deliver business benefits.

OT vs IT in the supply of IoT, and migration and consolidation in IIoT (Analyst Angle)

Enterprise IoT insights, November 6, 2020

Overall, the industrial IoT market for connected applications is continuing its rapid growth and beginning to mature as the applications become more powerful – including AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and analytics capabilities – robust and easier to deploy.

Analytics For Operating In The New Manufacturing Normal

Forbes, July 27, 2020

Market research firm Cambashi expects that while most digitaI transformation projects (which may include “digita I transformation”) will be resilient, some companies may delay new transformation initiatives in the short term due to the demand shock caused by the pandemic.


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