Cambashi consultants and analysts have a broad range of capabilities to support clients effectively and independently.

Most of our senior consultants and analysts have years of experience in roles that our clients hold now, and understand the challenges and importance of buying and selling IT to support critical business processes.

In addition to the core team shown below, Cambashi works with a world-wide team of Associates to ensure access to market knowledge, research data, and expertise throughout Europe, in Asia Pacific, and in the Americas.

Industry Experts

Simon Hailstone

Simon Hailstone
Principal Consultant 

Over 24 years in researching detailed BIM, PLM, CAE, Cax, MOM/MES, and IoT market data

Alan Griffiths
Managing Consultant

Industrial IoT & Digital Transformation, over 30 years of experience in IT for engineering & manufacturing enterprise

Petra Gartzen
Senior Consultant

Providing market intelligence,
Insights, and advice to business leaders in technical software companies

Photo of Cambashi's Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts
Senior Consultant

Over 22 years of experience in researching detailed BIM, ERP, MOM and PLM market data.

Photo of Cambashi's Pete Maskell

Peter Maskell
Senior Consultant

In-depth industry research,
with Utilities and Automotive manufacture being key areas of responsibility

Ed Cordin
Associate Managing Consultant

Two decades experience leading consulting, research, commercial due diligence and go-to-market strategy services

Joe Brooker
Industry Analyst

Experienced in research and analysis of the benefits of using IT in value-adding industries worldwide

Photo of Cambashi's David Land

David Land
Senior Consultant

Specialising in data analysis
and research into CAM, MCAE and Media & Entertainment

Ben Morris

Ben Morris
Industry Analyst

Experienced in data analysis and ICT, with a developing industry analysis skillset within CAx and BIM

Elena Priguza
Industry Analyst

Experienced in industry research and data analysis, as well as writing e-learning curriculum

Training Team

Sara Cancio
e-Learning Content Manager

Experienced in e-Learning, content management, and implementing new working practices across the business

Helen Coles
e-Learning Product Manager

Experienced in the development and curation of e-learning, utilising andragogy principles at the heart of all learning

Customer Service & Marketing

Keith Henry

Over 35 years in ICT & Information Advisory space supporting clients in competitive analysis, strategy development, and implementation

Anastasia Prokhorova

Anastasia Prokhorova
Marketing and Business Development Manager

Experienced in working with strategic planning, digital marketing, campaign creation, outreach and execution

Office Operations

Photo of Cambashi's Pippa Burke

Pippa Burke
Office & HR Manager

More than 20 years of Administration and Managerial experience

Paul Garnham

Over 30 years` experience of working in the Accountancy Industry, both management and financial sectors


Keith Henry

Paul Garnham

Jenny Jacobsberg

Tony Christian

Photo of Cambashi's Peter Thorne

Peter Thorne
Chairman and CEO

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