The Impact of COVID-19 on CAE / Simulation

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Looking for a comprehensive, quantitative view of the Computer Aided Engineering/ Simulation (CAE) software market?

Cambashi have launched this new multi-perspective global data set with our long-term partner intrinSIM. With a strong focus on the CAE and simulation market, intrinSIM brings additional insight to Cambashi’s primary research and robust market sizing & forecasting methods. The Cambashi CAE Observatory reports on 2D and 3D physics based, simulation/analysis software, and related services from more than 480 companies worldwide. With detail on application, capability and industry, the 2020 update is ready now.

CAE software market value $6.1 billion in 2020

What applications are included?

The CAE software market is dominated by the top 3 vendors who are also growth leaders. It is a very dynamic market driven by the acquisition strategy of the top vendors. At the other end new vendors are entering the CAE software market, driving innovation and providing opportunities for more partnerships and acquisition targets.  The Cambashi CAE Observatory helps to keep track of all this activity and plan for growth.

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How is the data presented?

We present revenues split across three key axes.

Cambashi provides market data - CAE revenue by Capabilities, Application, and Industry

The Cambashi / IntrinSIM CAE Observatory is based on several years of research and industry collaboration. Data for the CAE software market is included from 2016 to 2020, along with forecasts out to 2024. The forecasts are based on a combination of Cambashi analysis and econometric data from Oxford Economics.

The CAE Observatory will allow market planners to use reliable and authoritative market data in their work.

•         Qualified, impartial intelligence for better plans & strategies

•         Trusted global forecasts to align internal resources, capabilities, and product planning

•         Insights on TAM (Total Available Market) size and the main growth areas.

•         Detailed data on 480 vendors to inform decisions around partnership & acquisition strategies

Market Snapshots – Cost-Effective Market Insights

Cambashi and intrinSIM have worked together to develop flexible access to CAE market data through the CAE Market Snapshots and the Cambashi CAE Observatory. The CAE Market Snapshots offer extremely cost effective insights into different segments of the CAE Market and allow for selection of the data segments of interest.

These Market Snapshots provide the information related to software vendor revenue for each market segment outlined in the CAE Observatory.

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