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The impact of the industrial IoT on the Manufacturing Operations Management software market

Industrial Automation: The Impact of the Industrial IoT and Manufacturing Operation Management software

Automation&Robotics, Alan Griffiths, Joe Brooker, Anastasia Prokhorova, May 2022

MOM software is important to industrial automation for digital transformation and smart
factories. The industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) supports new ‘connected applications’ that present both opportunities and threats to the established MOM providers.

Trends, Opportunities, and Threats in the Manufacturing Operations Management Software Market

Newsweek, Peter Thorne, April 2022

Most companies in the MOM software sector cover both discrete and process manufacturing, but the emphasis within that mix varies.

Boost Your Industry IQ: The Importance of Industry-specific Knowledge

Training Industry, Vittorio Bollo, February 2022

Building your industry knowledge as a learning leader will position you for success in your field and help you gain buy-in from stakeholders.


Prospects for aerospace manufacturing recovery post pandemic

Aerospace Manufacturing, Alan Griffiths, Joe Brooker and Anastasia Prokhorova, November 2021

In this article Alan Griffiths, Joe Brooker and Anastasia Prokhorova from industry analysts Cambashi examine how the aerospace manufacturing industry, and the software industry that supports it, has stood up to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twin storms – driving the Simulation Revolution

Engineering Magazine, Petra Gartzen (Cambashi) and Joe Walsh (IntrinSim), October 2021

Petra Gartzen and Joe Walsh explain why the twin storms of the global pandemic and climate change are fuelling engineering simulation growth
through 2025 and beyond.

Industrial IoT and the disrupters

CEOWORLD, Alan Griffith, Business Transformation, June 4, 2021

As a market research, industry analyst and consulting firm, our independent research and analysis shows that – although much of the hype has subsided – the industrial IoT (IIoT) industry has consistently higher growth than the main industrial OT (Operational Technology) and IT companies. But disrupters, for example from the semiconductor, automotive and telco sectors, are emerging to threaten established IoT companies.

Democratizing Simulation: A Progress Report

Digital engineering 247, By Kenneth Wong, May 3, 2021

The numbers suggest the software vendors’ drive to democratize simulation—to push for wider adoption among designers and engineers with limited simulation expertise—is paying off, quite literally. 

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Data Lakes Are On The Rise

Forbes, Thomas Dhollander, April 22, 2021

Data lakes are becoming increasingly more important to industries that capture immense amounts of data, such as the process industry. Market research firm Cambashi, which tracks the global market for industrial software, has found that the IoT market is evolving to provide “connected applications” that deliver business value. Analytics — when applied to a business problem such as “how can we reduce downtime?

Why OT and IT companies are investing in IIoT/Connected Applications

CEO Insider, By Alan Griffith – January 29, 2021

Engineering Simulation has grown into significant importance and is set for sustainable evolutionary growth due to the emergence of Generative Design and Digital Twins


Engineering Design Process: The Changing Role of Simulation and the Simulation Revolution

IoT for all, By Petra Gartzen – November 23, 2020

Engineering Simulation has grown into significant importance and is set for sustainable evolutionary growth due to the emergence of Generative Design and Digital Twins

OT vs IT in the supply of IoT, and migration and consolidation in IIoT (Analyst Angle)

Enterprise IoT insights, November 6, 2020

Overall, the industrial IoT market for connected applications is continuing its rapid growth and beginning to mature as the applications become more powerful – including AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and analytics capabilities – robust and easier to deploy.

A Glimpse of the Generative Design Market

Digital engineering 247, By Kenneth Wong, November 1, 2020

Simon Hailstone, the principal consultant at Cambashi, believes the fate of GD is invariably linked to the fortunes of heavy simulation users.

The Engineering Simulation Revolution Has Begun

Automation, September 13, 2020

Engineering simulation has grown into significant importance in the engineering design process over the past four decades with technology drivers enabling its broader and improved application. This growth in importance has been accompanied by a growth in awareness of the benefits and key business drivers, which then also brings a new set of opportunities and challenges related to increased demand.

Unity Technologies IPO: Gaming Platform Files to Trade on the NYSE

Investment U, August 28, 2020

In industries other than gaming, Unity estimates a market opportunity of $17 billion. This number is based on the number of software developers, architects and designers Unity believes it could serve. The company notes that, according to data from Cambashi in April 2019, there a re 37 million engineers and technicians the company thinks could be future users of its platform. It also notes virtua I and augmented reality as future opportunities.

Analytics For Operating In The New Manufacturing Normal

Forbes, July 27, 2020

Market research firm Cambashi expects that while most digitaI transformation projects (which may include “digita I transformation”) will be resilient, some companies may delay new transformation initiatives in the short term due to the demand shock caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19: Winners and Losers in Industrial IoT

Connected World Magazine, July 1, 2020

Cambashi’s analysis of the connected applications (lloT) market shows that the growth during the last few years has been very positive, and the effect of COVID-19 is likely to be temporary.

Connected agriculture–how IoT technology is deployed to improve food production and distribution

CEOWorld Magazine, March 17, 2020

Cambashi’s research into lloT and Connected Applications highlights the global trend in Connected Production where the main software application revenues of loT in agriculture are recorded.

Industrial IoT Observatory launch

My Tech Decisions The Value of Connected Applications to Industrial Internet of Things

Control DesignCambashi releases Industrial IoT market data observatory

Digital EngineeringCambashi Releases Industrial IoT/Connected Applications Market Data Observatory

ProcessingMarkets Update: Cambashi releases Industrial IoT/Connected Applications Market Data Observatory

Automated BuildingsCambashi Releases First Industrial IoT/Connected Applications Market Data Observatory


Industrial IoT Charter launch

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