Other Markets

Central to Cambashi’s research are the information technology tools used by technical professionals such as engineers and designers, and the industries in which these people work.

Cambashi also continuously researches trends in adjacent technologies and industry sectors.

This allows us to:

  • assemble a balanced and complete view of the technical applications market by taking broader issues into account
  • configure our market data in the best way possible to help design and execute strategies for the technical software applications market
  • deliver our services in the context of each client’s unique market definition

Balanced Research

ERP is a vital ‘application’. ERP systems dominate finance and operations. The overlap with engineering systems was originally limited to bill-of-materials ownership and update.

But over time, the footprints of ERP and PLM solutions have both grown, giving customers more choice – and complexity of choice – in areas such as version, access and workflow control.

By treating ERP as an adjacent sector and recognising that ERP suppliers compete for business in engineering groups, we ensure Cambashi’s segmentations, market numbers and insights are developed and presented in context.

Industry segmentation needs similar treatment. For example, our central focus includes the tools IT vendors offer for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Trends in healthcare can influence important decisions, including strategies, product specification and IT investment.

These trends may include anything from medical trends in specific therapeutic areas, to the expectation that connected medical devices can support the security conditions of each hospital network.

The same relevance is true of CRM and SCM applications, cloud and mobile technologies, and many industry sectors. Retail informs consumer goods manufacturing, public sector informs aerospace and defence and so on.

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