Consumer Goods Industry | Computer Aided Engineering market report


• Mfg of food, drink and tobacco
• Mfg of apparel
• Mfg of leather and related products
• Mfg of soap and detergents
• Mfg of rubber and plastic products
• Mfg of furniture
• Mfg of games, toys and sporting equipment
• Mfg of musical instruments
• Publishing of books, periodicals etc.
• Printing and reproduction of recorded media
• Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Table of Contents

  • Cambashi CAE Market Observatory

  • Sources

  • Definition of the Consumer Goods Industry

  • Market Size

  • Size & Growth of the Consumer Goods Industry

  • Position of “Consumer Goods” Industry Within CAE Market

  • For each of the Top 5 vendors:

    • Size & Growth

    • Position for Provider within Consumer Goods Market

    • Position of “Consumer Goods” within Provider

  • Other Providers

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