Services Industry | Computer Aided Engineering market report


• Wholesale and retail trade
• Repair of motor vehicles
• Transport of freight and passengers by land, air and water (airlines, rail operators, shipping)
• Transport of gases, liquids etc. by pipelines
• Land transport services (e.g. train stations)
• Water transport services (e.g. ports)
• Warehousing and storage, cargo handling etc.
• Postal and courier services
• Hotels and restaurants
• Film and TV production and distribution
• Data processing and hosting and other information services activities
• Financial and insurance activities (including banks etc.)
• Real estate
• Non-technical professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, management consultancy etc.
• Technical testing and analysis
• Advertising and market research
• Administrative support services
• Education
• Health and social work
• Arts, entertainment and recreation
• Household employment
• Other services – cleaners, hairdressers etc.

Table of Contents

  • Cambashi CAE Market Observatory

  • Sources

  • Definition of the Services Industry

  • Market Size

  • Size & Growth of the Services Industry

  • Position of “Services” Industry Within CAE Market

  • For each of the Top 5 vendors:

    • Size & Growth

    • Position for Provider within Services Market

    • Position of “Services” within Provider

  • Other Providers