Transportation Industry | Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Market Report


• Shipbuilding
• Mfg of railway locomotives and rolling stock
• Mfg of tanks and other specialist land defence vehicles
• Mfg of bicycles
• Mfg of invalid carriages etc.
• Repair and maintenance of ships and boats

Transportation Industry | Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Market Report Table of Contents

  • Cambashi CAE Market Observatory
  • Sources
  • Definition of the Transportation Industry
  • Market Size
  • Size & Growth of the Transportation Industry
  • Position of “Transportation” Industry Within CAE Market
  • For each of the Top 5 vendors:
    • Size & Growth
    • Position for Provider within Transportation Market
    • Position of “Transportation” within Provider
  • Other Providers

Data in this Computer Aided Engineering Market report is provided in “Software Revenue” and “Total Revenue” terms.

  • “Software Revenue” includes CAE-related software licences, maintenance, and subscription revenues. It excludes provider services and non-CAE-related software revenue.
  • “Total Revenue” includes CAE-related provider services in addition to CAE-related software revenue. Third-party services are excluded.

Data is provided in U.S. Dollars (USD) and relate to Provider Revenues. Reseller margin and sales tax are excluded. All data is for the Worldwide market in 2022, unless otherwise stated. The data used in this snapshot is from the Cambashi CAE Observatory.

Forecasts and other data in this workbook are based on economic data from various sources

The CAE Observatory was built in conjunction with industry specialists to help plan and develop the dataset, as well as contribute research and validation. The data is based upon multiple sources and viewpoints of the market, the most important being primary research of vendors. The model feeds additional information and industry knowledge from other stakeholders and the Cambashi Market Observatories.

The CAE software industry is constantly evolving. Due to mergers, acquisitions and ongoing research, the list of included providers and products will change over time. This is a continual process.

Scope covering the CAE Market

2D and 3D physics based, simulation/analysis software, and related services using discretisation methods (e.g., Finite Element, Finite Volume, Finite Difference, Discrete Element, Meshless Methods, …).

Model Based Systems Engineering. From an overall system perspective, numerical models of components and systems behaviour (e.g. Modelica, AmeSim, …) are excluded. This might include 0d & 1D controls; physics simulation/analysis software and related services.

Table of Contents

About Cambashi 2
About intrinSIM 2
Table of Contents 3
Cambashi CAE Market Observatory 4
Sources 4
Definition of ‘Acoustics’ Capability 5
Market Size 6
Size & Growth of ‘Acoustics’ 6
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within CAE Market 8
Top 5 Providers 9
#1. ANSYS 11
Size & Growth of ANSYS 11
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within ANSYS 12
Position of ANSYS Within ‘Acoustics’ Market 13
#2. Siemens Digital Industries Software 14
Size & Growth of Siemens Digital Industries Software 14
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within Siemens Digital Industries Software 15
Position of Siemens Digital Industries Software Within ‘Acoustics’ Market 16
#3. Hexagon 17
Size & Growth of Hexagon 17
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within Hexagon 18
Position of Hexagon Within ‘Acoustics’ Market 19
#4. ESI Group 20
Size & Growth of ESI Group 20
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within ESI Group 21
Position of ESI Group Within ‘Acoustics’ Market 22
#5. Altair Engineering 23
Size & Growth of Altair Engineering 23
Position of ‘Acoustics’ Within Altair Engineering 24
Position of Altair Engineering Within ‘Acoustics’ Market 25
Other Providers (outside of the top five) 26
Disclaimer 27

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