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Title – Assessing Investment Opportunities in the CAE market

Description – This third webinar in the 2018 series looks at the CAE market and assesses example investment opportunity based scenarios, using the Cambashi CAE Observatory.

Date and Time – Thu, Oct 11, 2018 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM BST


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Title – Digital Transformation and the Industrial IoT (‘Internet of Things’)

Description – This second webinar in the 2018 series aims to give delegates:
  • A basic understanding of IoT concepts and the business and technical language you will need to engage with customers
  • An overview of the main players and how they cooperate … or compete
  • The main challenges that your customers are likely to be facing, and the trends in the industry
  • An understanding of the journey your customer is on and where you stand with them

It provides a “First Meeting Survival Kit”, to help in initial Digital Transformation and IoT discussions. 

Presentation Summary 

1. Introduction – engaging with clients on IoT and Digital Transformation.
2. What is industrial IoT? – ‘industrial’ and ‘personal’ IoT; what’s new? technical description.
3. Digital transformation and the IoT – IoT in the strategic context of Digital Transformation.
4. The main industrial IoT providers – three main groups of providers and how they work.
5. The business case for IoT – maturity; examples of IoT in industrial use cases, and the benefits.
6. Challenges and trends in industrial IoT – from our research with the main providers.
8. Questions – from the audience.

Date and Time – Wed, May 16, 2018 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM BST

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