Bentley Systems quoted Cambashi data in its FORM S-1

Bentley Systems FORM S-1 prospectus contains references to certain data derived from Cambashi Observatories and a research report commissioned by Bentley Systems entitled “Infrastructure Engineering Software: Potential World-Wide Market Size”.

“…Cambashi quantifies our TAM as what would be the total spend for infrastructure engineering software solutions if the intensity of infrastructure engineering software spending would become equivalent to that of product engineering software spending. This TAM value is derived by banding countries by intensity of product engineering software spend, and multiplying average product engineering software spend levels per product engineer (or product engineering technician) by the total number of infrastructure engineers (and infrastructure engineering technicians) for each respective band. In 2018, global infrastructure engineering spend for an estimated 22.5 million engineers totaled $8.3 billion. In the same year, global product engineering total spend for an estimated 11.1 million engineers totaled $13.9 billion.

Cambashi accordingly estimates that if engineering software spending would become as intensive per engineer (or engineering technician) in infrastructure engineering as in product engineering, global infrastructure engineering software spending would be $29.2 billion. We believe that over time our current SAM of $9.5 billion will approach this estimated TAM of $29.2 billion. We also believe that both our SAM and our TAM will further expand over time with the growth of infrastructure spending.” (P121)

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