Cambashi highlights ‘movers and shakers’ in BIM software M&A trend

New research from Cambashi, a global leader in research for engineering and industrial software markets, shows a continuing appetite for acquisition by major players within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) software market space during the pandemic period.

Cambashi’s research data incorporates three categories of BIM:
• BIM Design, which includes software used in the design stage of building and infrastructure projects. This includes five sub-segments – architectural design, structural engineering, civil engineering, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and plant design.
• BIM Construct, which covers software for collaboration on planning and building, such as data management, estimating and costing.
• BIM Operate, which includes software for facilities management.

While BIM Design has been a well-developed space over many years, according to the new research many Design providers have expanded into BIM Construct and Operate areas in order to offer a complete BIM lifecycle, either on their own or via partnerships.

“The larger players in the BIM software market, including names such as Autodesk, Nemetschek and MRI, have been on acquisition sprees,” said David Land, Market Expert at Cambashi. “Obviously, these players want to dominate as much as they can organically and acquire other providers to enable them to go into new technologies or gain customers to fill the gaps. Some seem to be attempting to create a start-up profile, spanning technologies or companies that they know will help them create a larger platform in the future. Cambashi expects this kind of activity to continue, with a likelihood of one or two ‘mega’ mergers at some point, but for the moment the trend seems to be towards companies plugging gaps in life-cycle capability. David Land added: “Within the buildings and infrastructure software sector, as in most industries, the rapid acquisition of technology capability is a strong driver of M&A activity. It enables both differentiation and new opportunities for growth for companies operating in this dynamic sector.”

The full research paper is available to Cambashi`s clients as a part of its subscription service. An industry expert briefing can be arranged on request.

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