CAE Simulation tools market size up to $5.37bn worldwide

by Dan Roberts

Cambashi has launched another new market data resource, the Cambashi CAE Observatory. This observatory provides a comprehensive, quantitative view of the Computer Aided Engineering software market. This includes applications covering AEC/Civil, Biomedical, Process & Piping, Materials, Mechanical Product Design, Geophysical/Climate, Shipbuilding & Maritime, and Vulnerability. The observatory ensures a sound basis for analyzing size, growth, movement and other trends to support market planning.

Collaboration leads to robust market view

Cambashi has developed this new resource in collaboration with long-term partner intrinSIM.  intrinSIM provides market planning services to help assess market potential, establish positioning, determine strategy and better prepare for taking a product or service to market. With a strong focus on the CAE and simulation market, intrinSIM brings additional insight to the primary research and robust market size and forecasting methods of Cambashi to deliver this latest offering.

Multiple views

The Cambashi CAE Observatory presents worldwide revenues for more than 470 non-EDA companies providing 2D and 3D CAE and physics simulation software. Revenues are presented in three key axes:

  • Capability (Acoustics, Design Space Exploration (DSE), Electro-Magnetics (CEM), Fluids (CFD), Failure Modes, Manufacturing Processes, Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) Kinematics, Multi-Physics, Optics, Plastics, Pre/Post, Simulation Data Management (SDM), Structures (CSM), Thermal)
  • Application (AEC /Civil, Biomedical, Process & Piping, Materials, Mechanical Product Design, Geophysical /Climate, Shipbuilding & Maritime, and Vulnerability)
  • Industry (AEC, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Machinery, Process /Pharma, Public Sector, Services, Telecoms /Utilities, Transportation)

The leading segments of CAE

The total global market for CAE Simulation software is $5.37bn. In the first general release of this data, Mechanical Product Design is the leading application, accounting for more than 60% of the global market in 2016, as shown in the chart below.

Structures (CSM) is the leading capability, whilst the Automotive industry spends more on these tools than any other industry segment.

The observatory details the revenues of each of the 470 named vendors in each of the three categories. So you could identify, for example, who are the fastest-growing vendors in Acoustics, or the largest competitors in the High Tech industry.

For a sample version of the observatory, which shows the breadth and depth of the data, but with randomly-generated numbers, please contact either Cambashi or intrinSIM.

2016 CAE market size by application segment
Figure 1: 2016 CAE software revenues by application segment

Reliable data enables stakeholder buy-in to the marketing plan

Data for the CAE software market is included from 2014 to 2016, together with forecasts out to 2020. The forecasts are based on a combination of Cambashi analysis and econometric data from Oxford Economics.

For CAE market planners this resource provides a reliable, authoritative market view, enabling them to plan with real data, rather than relying on gut feel and estimates. That can make the difference between global buy-in to the plan or having key stakeholders walk away.


A 360 degree perspective

The Cambashi Market Observatories are a set of consistent and multi-perspective datasets for the technical software market. They provide detailed information on software spend by country, industry and product and the size of user communities, for a range of technical software application types.

Each data set provides a different way of measuring the use of software in industry, and can be used in combination to support business planning at global, regional and local levels. The methodology combines public and 3rd party data sources with Cambashi’s quantitative and qualitative research in each of these market views. Developed over 25 years, the combination of top down macroeconomic, industry detail and bottom up supply side (software provider) views leads to a highly consistent, multi-granular view of the market. In detail these views are:

  • The Cambashi CAE Observatory segments the CAE simulation software market by applications capability and industry worldwide for more than 470 providers
    • Sources: Cambashi Observatories, Cambashi product research, intrinSIM expertise
  • The Cambashi BIM Design Observatory segments the AEC design software market by product category, across more than 50 countries worldwide
    • Sources: Cambashi Observatories, Cambashi product research
  • The Cambashi Product Observatorysegments the technical applications market by product group, revenue stream and major geographic area for the top 28 software providers
    • Sources: Cambashi provider research, public financial data
  • The Cambashi Country Observatoryprovides a snapshot of market opportunity by investigating technical application spend across more than 50 countries worldwide
    • Sources: Oxford Economics, IMF, World Bank, EITO, national statistics
  • The Cambashi Industry Observatorybreaks down global technical applications spend into over 100 industry classifications in over 50 countries
    • Sources: Oxford economics, national statistics, Kew Associates, Cambashi research
  • The Cambashi Employment Observatoryhighlights the potential user base for technical software in over 100 different industries and occupations and across 50 countries
    • Sources: National statistics, ILO, Cambashi research
  • The Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatorymaps the revenues of the top 28 global technical applications providers across 11 major industry sectors and 3 major geographies.
    • Sources: Cambashi provider research, Product and Industry Observatories
  • The Cambashi System Engineering and Embedded Software Observatorycaptures provider revenues of over 300 software providers by major geography and revenue coverage of SMART industries in 8 major segments in 50 countries.
    • Sources: Cambashi provider research, public financial data, Industry Observatory

About Cambashi

Cambashi is a market research, industry analysis and consulting firm doing business from its global HQ in Cambridge, UK. Its independent research and analysis delivers compelling insights on the use of IT to address business issues in manufacturing, process, distribution, energy, utilities and construction industries. The Cambashi Market Observatories provide companies worldwide with the objective information needed to clarify decisions assess trends and develop effective marketing strategies. In addition to delivering global market data and related consulting services, Cambashi offers a unique web-based industry training curriculum.

About intrinSIM

intrinSIM is a premier source of go to market and technology related services along with a portfolio of leading edge embeddable technologies suitable for developing commercial or in-house engineering applications.  intrinSIM was founded in late 2009 with the intention to accelerate the growth of the engineering software market by Connecting Worldwide Business & Technology.   IntrinSIM has offices in Clarkesville, GA and Madison, AL.

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