Cambashi and DFL Consulting Sign Partnership Agreement

New “Entente Cordiale” for Technical Software Application Markets

Cambridge, UK, 14th January 2011 — Cambashi (Cambridge, UK and Massachusetts, USA) and DFL Consulting (Paris, France) announce that they have signed an agreement for the two companies to work together.  The objective of the partnership, which builds on existing long term relationships, is to improve both organisations’ coverage of emerging opportunities for their clients.

Research into product development process

Both organisations have active research into the product development process, covering both the business and organizational change and the introduction of novel technologies such as embedded software intelligence and cloud computing.  Mike Evans, Research Director at Cambashi, comments:  “This partnership will greatly enhance Cambashi’s research agenda and our ability to deliver actionable information to our customers.”

Didier Large, Co-Gérant at DFL Consulting, comments:  “An example of our work is a recent large scale study of the cloud HPC market.  When we combine this kind of information with Cambashi’s methodologies and adjacent research into the design process we will create additional insights into the market.”

Worldwide coverage

The two organizations have a worldwide network of associates with deep domain knowledge of the technical applications market.  This agreement will generate new research that will allow more cost effective world-wide delivery of service lines such as industry sales training.

Note: For those who are not history buffs, the Entente Cordiale was a series of agreements that ended warfare and started a peaceful co-existence between the UK and France in 1904.

About Cambashi

Cambashi, based in Massachusetts USA and Cambridge UK, provides independent research and analysis of the business reasons for use of IT in industry, world-wide.  Its specialist fields include engineering and enterprise applications and the infrastructure to enable industrial firms to use IT effectively.  Market information is published in the Cambashi Market Observatory, which includes views of the technical application software market by country, industry, employment and products.  Cambashi’s clients vary in size from small to large and include most of the leading software vendors and many pioneering IT users.

About DFL Consulting

DFL Consulting, based near Paris is a limited liability company (SARL) specializing in application solutions and advanced methodology in the field of digital collaborative engineering (PLM, CAD / CAM, Simulation and Analysis) and product innovation.  DFL Consulting offers consultant services to industrial customers in the areas of technology and market research, competitive analysis, training, development and implementation of marketing policies, business development and engineering software sales.

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