Cambashi Releases 2020 Update of CAE Market Observatory

Market for CAE / Simulation software will reach $6.1bn in 2020

Cambridge, UK. July 31, 2020 Cambashi, a leading global industry analyst and market consulting firm, together with partner intrinSIM today announced its latest COVID-adjusted CAE/Simulation market data & forecast, which indicates the CAE (computer-aided engineering) market has been growing in double digit figures and will continue on that path excluding 2020.

 “These growth rates illustrate  the beginning of the Simulation Revolution, which will continue to grow as increasingly more organizations realize that Engineering Simulation is a Key Driver to the Business Drivers that enable increased competitiveness,” said Joe Walsh, intrinSIM. “While 2020 will present lower growth rates, and Cambashi expects negative growth from e.g. the automotive industy, growth overall is still expected to be positive,” said Petra Gartzen, Senior Consultant, Cambashi.

Going forward, the trends that were driving adoption of simulation have not gone away because of COVID-19. The need to develop new, greener versions of any kind of product will accelerate, especially in industries generating vapor trails. And COVID-19 is also opening up new opportunities especially around modelling air flow, people movement, and space organization in any kind of building – be that a factory, a museum, an office, transport, etc. – where people spend significant amounts of time in close proximity. The need to provide a safe working environment to get industries back to some kind of normal situation could also result in new linkages between CAE and BIM vendors and CAE and IIoT/Connected Application technology providers.

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