Construction software market experiencing significant M&A activity 

New research data from Cambashi’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) update, January 2023 release, reveals that large established software companies are seeking to establish ‘start-up’ profiles 

January 25, 2023, Cambridge, UKCambashi has released its latest January 2023 BIM Software Market Update, which indicates that the BIM (Building Information Modeling) software market is continuing to see significant Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity. 

“The construction industry is used to disruption. It was already starting to experience disruptive elements before the global pandemic and, as the effects of the pandemic have unfolded, there has been a significant increase in corporate restructuring and M&A activity in the industry,” said David Land, Senior Consultant, Cambashi. 

BIM is basically the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, and incorporates three key areas: 

  • BIM Design, which includes software for the design of building and infrastructure projects 
  • BIM Construct, which covers software for collaboration on planning and building 
  • BIM Operate, which includes software for facilities management. 

BIM Design has become a well-developed space over many years, and now many of the BIM Design software providers have expanded into the areas of BIM Construct. Cambashi reveals that there has been a clear convergence between the software vendors within the BIM Construct and BIM Operate market areas, with partnerships and acquisitions enabling larger players to gain access across the entire BIM lifecycle. 

Providers involved in M&A activities include: Autodesk, Nemetschek, Bentley, Hexagon, MRI, Procore, Schneider, SpaceIQ, Thinkproject and Trimble. 

“Overall, it is interesting to look at the investor relations output from some of the larger players and how they are seeking to acquire technologies that previously were missing from their portfolios,” added David Land, Senior Consultant, Cambashi. “They seem to be attempting to create a start-up profile, spanning technologies or companies that they know will help them create a larger platform in the future.” 

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Cambashi is a global market research, industry analysis, consulting and training company, focused on engineering and industrial software markets (BIM, IoT, PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE). For over 35 years the company has provided in-depth market intelligence and analysis, based on comprehensive, multi-perspective datasets. The Cambashi Observatories help organisations establish market potential for the various engineering software segments in defined industry sectors and territories. 

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