How can automotive industry intelligence help companies minimise threats, maximise opportunities and maintain a competitive edge?

As the automotive industry continues to change at pace – with major factors including the emergence of electric cars, supply chain issues and sustainability concerns – companies in this sector must stay up to date, says Cambashi, a global leader in market research and industry analysis.

The knockout punch inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020 had a severe impact on this globally integrated industry.  Symptoms have included disruption in Chinese parts exports, large-scale manufacturing interruptions across Europe and even the closure of some assembly plants in the United States. 

In addition, sustainability issues and the transition from cars with internal combustion engines (ICEs) to Electric Vehicles (EVs) are all causing massive changes throughout the automotive industry, covering supply chain, production, sales operations and regulation.

Businesses need to take advantage of the latest market intelligence in order to keep track of key automotive industry trends, challenges and regulations across all the countries they operate in.

“People involved in business communications within this industry, from CEOs to sales and marketing managers, are finding it challenging to keep up with key trends impacting the sector,” said Simon Hailstone, Principal Consultant, Cambashi. “To stay ahead of the curve, tactical industry intelligence, updated by industry experts and linked to the latest trends in the industry, is fundamental.”

As well as identifying the different categories of automotive products and grasping the different strategies that influence design and production, companies also need to engage with the main areas of change, growth and risks in the industry. “Disruption in the automotive industry is definitely here to stay, so it is vital to stay one step ahead to maintain a competitive edge.”, added Joe Brooker, industry analyst, Cambashi.

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Cambashi is a global market research, industry analysis, consulting and training company, focused on engineering and industrial software markets (IoT, BIM, PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE). For over 35 years the company has provided in-depth market intelligence and analysis, based on comprehensive, multi-perspective datasets. The Cambashi Observatories help organisations establish market potential for the various engineering software segments in defined industry sectors and territories.

Cambashi provides access to self-paced e-learning courses for a number of vertical industries, including automotive, that establish the foundational vertical knowledge needed to build overall industry competency and engage effectively with key roles from the industry. Courses link to Cambashi Industry Insights, which offer tactical industry intelligence updated by industry experts. A set of online industry-specific “just-in-time” support tools provide the latest information from across the globe on the news, key trends, products and services within the automotive sector. Industry terminology is also available through the Cambashi Industry Glossary.

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