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Cambashi recently attended the annual conference ‘HxGN LIVE’ of Hexagon, a major, global, provider of digital reality solutions. Hexagon operates in many sectors from plant design to mining to surveying, with over 24,000 employees in 50 countries and net sales of approximately 5.2bn EUR. In addition to sensors and data capture through Leica Geosystems, it has a long legacy in plant design through companies such as Intergraph in the Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division, and design/manufacturing software in the Production Software division. It also has a major presence in the BIM software market, partly through its acquisition of Bricsys in 2019. Sustainable innovation and green technology is vital to the company, as evidenced by the new venture capital arm R-evolution, a Hexagon company.

Cambashi’s main attention at the HxGN LIVE event was on the Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) division presentations that covered CAD, CAM, CAE, inspection and QMS, and our analysis focuses on Hexagon’s software products. MI has annual revenues of approximately $2 Billion, with over 8,000 employees.

We heard from Josh Weiss, President of MI, and Parth Joshi, who leads MI’s Business Units, including: Design & Engineering Software (formerly MSC Software), Metrology Devices, Metrology & Production Software, Volume Graphics, and the Nexus smart manufacturing platform. We also met with Abhishek Sengupta, Vice President of Portfolio & Technology Strategy, MI, to discuss strategy and market intelligence, and with Rahul Kejriwal, CEO at Bricsys NV (now a Hexagon company in the Geosystems division) to discuss Hexagon’s BIM technology and strategic positioning.  

For details of several announcements Hexagon made during the conference, see Paolo Guglielmini’s summary of HxGN LIVE at: https://tinyurl.com/ys285ex2

Cambashi Observations

Hexagon has impressive coverage of a wide range of technologies that provide productivity – an important requirement, given the shortage of skilled labor. It targets a range of software markets covered by Cambashi, including CADCAM/PLM, MCAE, BIM, MOM, and Industrial IoT (Connected Applications).

Hexagon’s Production Software strategy has combined a large range of CAD, CAM, and inspection products into four coherent suites, allowing users to make simpler, cost-effective choices, which will be attractive to manufacturing companies – particularly within its current customer base.

Hexagon now has a significant presence in BIM, particularly in the BIM Operate segment which has promising growth potential – the top five providers account for only one-third of the market. There is also good potential for growth in the BIM Construct segment, where it has less market share.

Nexus represents a bold vision to provide a central, open, cloud-based system that Hexagon’s customers, their partners and suppliers can use for collaboration throughout the product lifecycle. Nexus is a powerful, well-engineered product that will be of immediate value to many of Hexagon’s customers. As most CADCAM providers also have collaborative capabilities, Nexus’ open architecture and integration tools will support collaboration.

Hexagon has for years been a leader with its approach to sustainability, and R-evolution represents a unique approach to enabling innovation in new areas. Given Hexagon’s wide portfolio of software that covers the product lifecycle, more capability can be applied to ‘designing-in’ sustainability in the early stages to include downstream factors, such as raw material selection, traceability, recycling etc.

For a full version of our report please Download Further insights and detailed market analysis provided in Section 2 with ‘Selected Highlights

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