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by Christine Easterfield

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Cambashi Market Observatories for 2017. This suite of market datasets supports analysis of the design and engineering software markets, and the announcement formed the opening session of the World Update at this year’s COFES – the Conference on the Future of Engineering Software.

Design and Engineering software

Cambashi’s Peter Thorne spoke at COFES about the healthy growth of design and engineering software, visible in the Cambashi data, having placed this in context via a discussion of world GDP (gross domestic product) growth, currency effects and population impact.

Peter used data from the Q1 observatories to share his analysis and insights with the audience of executives from design, engineering, architectural, development and technology companies. The key conclusion drawn was that Asia is likely the most attractive region for growth and, of the individual Asian countries, India has highest growth. While India is not necessarily the largest market, though it is substantial, having strong growth is what creates the ‘white space’ for your sales team to explore.

Internet of Things

This was balanced with a qualitative view of the potential, disruptive growth being driven by the Internet of Things. This supports not just growth in existing market spaces as new products and services are developed but the chance this gives to change engineering work flows themselves – because when the workflows change, the tools to support them also change.

Figure 1 – Exploring new tools to support changing workflows

The observatories

The Cambashi observatories are a comprehensive suite of datasets that support marketing planning. To get a sample observatory, click the button below and let us know which observatory you are interested in.sample-observatory-button

The options are:

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