Country Observatory

Reliably identify target markets using a robust statistical snapshot of a country’s market demand for engineering software applications.

The Cambashi Country Observatory uses a combination of primary public sources, econometric forecasting, and our own analysis, to show technical applications spending (CAD, CAE, GIS, PLM, BIM, and so on) in more than 60 countries in:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • the Americas (AMER)
Figure 1: Example chart from the Cambashi Country Observatory – engineering software market size by Middle east country

What it does


The Cambashi Country Observatory enables you to:

  • forecast market demand by country
  • perform country-by-country comparisons to derive targets for sales and marketing initiatives
  • create a starting point for detailed investigations of one or more country markets
  • account for currency differences between countries and regions

This data set is available as a ‘one-off’ or through a subscription service.

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