Autodesk quoted Cambashi`s market data in its recent Investor Day presentation

    Based on Cambashi`s Data Autodesk estimates:

    • Design TAM – $17B
    • Make TAM – $25B

    Based on Cambashi`s Employment Observatory Autodesk estimates:

    • 10M Professionals relevant to “Design”: Mechanical Engineers; Electrical Engineers; Electronics Engineers; Drafters; Biomedical/Materials/Other
    • 21M Professionals relevant to “Make”: Tool Makers, Setters & Operators; Production & Plant Operators; Manufacturing managers; Line Supervisors

    BIM penetration doubled in the last three years. However, there is still a significant opportunity with the global adaption at only 60% in FY23.

    Find more in Autodesk 2023 Investor Day Supporting Materials

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