Nemetschek Group – Case study

Architecture, engineering and construction – the AEC industries – are facing fundamental changes in our increasingly interconnected, digitalised world. Nemetschek is actively driving, shaping and supporting these changes; its goal is to deliver the best possible, most innovative and most successful software solutions.


The mission

Fundamental to this goal is a group wide accepted basis for growth and expansion – market data that provides a concrete basis for decision making that everyone in the group can endorse.

There are many market reports that discuss AEC but Nemetschek wanted to be sure of a reliable, informed base to support mid-term and long-term planning.

The customer

Jens Lederer, Director of Business Development for Nemetschek Group, said “We want to provide a consistent and relevant data set that offers help to all stakeholders – across the group, for individual brands, and regionally. Cambashi, in our view, delivered the best quality market data available for the AEC Market, from a proven track record.”

The solution

Lederer’s Business Development group researched the available market reports and identified Cambashi as being the team that could help. With a proven track record of providing quality market data, Cambashi was able to build on the strength of 30 year’s independent research into design and engineering software. The Cambashi BIM Design Observatory provided a data set covering Architectural CAD, Structural CAD, Structural CAE, Civil CAD, Civil CAE, MEP and ‘other’ – a grouping of collaboration, estimating, data management and surveying software tools. Historic and forecast data is provided for each of these segments in 57 worldwide countries and provides, in the 2016 edition, an outlook to 2020.

About Nemetschek

The Nemetschek Group provides software for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry, with a solution portfolio that extends across the entire life cycle of buildings.  At the heart of the Nemetschek Group are a collection of fourteen strong, independent brands: Allplan, Bluebeam, Crem, Data Design System, Design Data, dRofus, Frilo, Graphisoft, Maxon, Nevaris, Precast, Scia, Solibri and Vectorworks.

These brands cover the fundamental changes that AEC industries are facing: collaboration, digitalization, Open BIM, mobile solutions and the cloud. These changes are revolutionizing worlds of work and perceptions of work. Multimedia applications are taking architecture by storm and vice versa. Processes are becoming more efficient or are being redefined in a whole new way. Significant investment in research and development secures Nemetschek’s leadership in innovation.

About Cambashi

Cambashi is a market research, industry analysis and consulting firm that operates globally from its headquarters in Cambridge, UK. Its independent research and analysis delivers compelling insights on the use of IT to address business issues in manufacturing, process, distribution, energy, utilities and construction industries. The Cambashi Market Observatories provide companies worldwide with the objective information needed to clarify decisions, assess trends and develop effective marketing strategies. In addition to delivering global market data and related consulting services, Cambashi also offers a unique web-based industry training curriculum.

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