Utilities Companies Need Market Intelligence to Prepare for Energy Transition

The latest research from Cambashi reveals that, with energy transition at the top of utilities companies’ agendas, they must be prepared with the latest market intelligence to meet the challenges—and maximize the opportunities.

There’s no doubt that utilities companies are facing a number of challenges in their businesses. Before the COVID-19 crisis, there were several trends that they were responding to—some of which have accelerated post-pandemic—including increased competition, matching supply and demand, a highly regulated environment, and a skilled worker shortage.

The competitive landscape is consolidating as utilities and governments prepare to meet ambitious climate targets, tighten up energy security, and lay the foundations for energy transition. With this transition happening, it’s no surprise that people involved in business communications within utility companies, from CEOs to sales and marketing managers, are finding it hard to keep up with trends and challenges impacting the sector.

“That means taking advantage of the latest market intelligence in order to keep track of key industry trends, challenges and regulations across all the countries their companies operate in,” said Joe Brooker, Industry Analyst, Cambashi. “As well as identifying the different categories of products and grasping the different business strategies, they also need to engage with the main areas of change, growth and risk. In addition, people who are responsible for employees` professional development should make use of training services that lead to industry certifications and proof of expertise in the industry.” 

Cambashi provides access to self-paced e-learning courses for a number of vertical industries, including utilities, that establish the foundational vertical knowledge needed to build overall industry competency, and engage effectively with key roles from the industry. Courses link to Cambashi Industry Insights, which offer tactical industry intelligence updated by industry experts.

For further information, visit Cambashi Utilities Industry Insights.


(Note to editors: an article based on Cambashi’s latest research, or an industry expert interview, are available on request).


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