Aras Green Digital Thread Event

The Aras Green Digital Thread Event on June 14 illustrated Aras innovation and commitment to evolve their PLM manufacturing software products to adopt sustainability goals. This is fast becoming a mission-critical issue for the manufacturing sector as a whole.

Cambashi director Keith Henry and consultant Anastasia Prokhorova attended the event as Cambashi, a leading global authority in global engineering software is undertaking important, new research in the software sustainability space.

Marcellus Menges, Director of Global PLM at Grammer AG, shared how Grammer is using PLM to aim to achieve the 1.5 degree target of the climate agreement CO2 emissions neutrality by 2040. Marcellus also highlighted – adaptive process chains as the key to sustainability: “Adaptive process chains help us to ensure and continuously improve the CO² targets secured in the planning (energy savings, CO² savings, reduction of scrap)”.

Aras PLM provides the greatest features to leverage the sustainability on product planning and design phase, as this is where most of the specifications are defined. Using Aras PLM, you can:

  • Avoid CO² by an optimised Product and Production Planning
  • Optimise usage of recyclable or natural materials
  • Optimise Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Calculate the CO² footprint to ensure to deliver the targets

Achieving real, measurable progress in the area of sustainability will as ever require close collaboration from the different industry stakeholders –industry players, customers, regulatory agencies, government bodies, investors and research firms. Aras is committed to embarking on similar events to educate the market on developments in the sustainability sphere.

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