Digital Construction Week

Cambashi senior consultant David Land attended the second day of Digital Construction Week (19th May) to find out how the industry is driving innovation and responding to key issues, including the adoption of new technology.

Digital Construction Week

Top of the agenda was sustainability, whether via more efficient processes and tools, improving how materials are used, or the way processes can be enhanced to reduce waste in the construction workflow. Companies will need to adopt sustainable tools to ensure innovation, but this needs to be a ‘top down’ strategy.

The industry also needs to drive greater efficiency from its management tools by moving more to analysis. This will help companies gain real-time insights into how issues can be resolved more effectively.

Start-ups are key to innovation in the industry and the Construction Start-up Competition held at the event can only help. Start-ups and corporates need mutually beneficial partnerships to drive the use of new and innovative technology. All in all, it was an insightful and informative event.

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