Cambashi reveals growth opportunities for engineering software and a wider potential target audience

Data from the latest Cambashi Employment Observatory indicates the future growth opportunities for engineering software – and how the potential target audience for its deployment can be increased.

Cambashi reveals that, while engineering software vendors have been developing software to aid designers and engineers for decades, the improved functionality of these software tools has improved to the point where most architects, designers and engineers find them indispensable.

“Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities for engineering software tools to support decision-making among managers/supervisors and improve the information flow for 295 million skilled tradespeople and machine operators. It will require new types of solutions, such as visualization and augmented reality, giving them access to and the ability to interact with 3D design models,” said Dan Roberts, Senior Consultant at Cambashi. “Major vendors, such as Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Dassault Systèmes, PTC, and Siemens Digital Industries Software continue to improve and refine their design capabilities to provide full coverage of the design cycle, including the visualization and simulation necessary to enable, for example, digital twins.”

Data from the Cambashi Employment Observatory shows that worldwide there are 6.5-times the number of managers and skilled tradespeople compared with architects, engineers, and technicians. With such a vast number of potential users, it is clear to see why software vendors might be rushing to provide tools to help.

“Integrating almost 350 million managers and tradespeople into the digital engineering/building process will be crucial for the success of any digital transformation effort and future growth,” added Dan Roberts. “Overall, the potential for growth of the engineering software industry is evident – all that is needed is the market intelligence to identify where the best opportunities lie.”

Cambashi’s Employment Observatory is an invaluable tool to establish market potential for the various engineering software segments in defined industry sectors and territories. It shows exactly which countries and industry sectors employ the 350 million additional potential engineering software users. Request Cambashi’s Employment Observatory sample or download the article “Engineering software – what are the opportunities for growth?“.

(Note to editors: an article based on Cambashi’s engineering software employment data, or an industry expert interview, are available on request).


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Cambashi is a global market research, industry analysis, consulting and training company, focused on engineering and industrial software markets (BIM, IoT, PLM, CAD/CAM/CAE). For over 35 years the company has provided in-depth market intelligence and analysis, based on comprehensive, multi-perspective datasets. The Cambashi Observatories help organisations establish market potential for the various engineering software segments in defined industry sectors and territories.

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