Cambashi’s industry training courses are now CPD-certified 

Cambashi’s  manufacturing curriculum has achieved CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification. This means you can be sure the e-learning content meets educational standards, is structured coherently, with clear learning objectives and outcomes that your staff can achieve. Now that Cambashi e-learning courses have been certified by The CPD Certification Service, customers can use the training as part of their continuing professional development requirements. 
Cambashi`s world-class industry training and e-learning offers a comprehensive introduction to manufacturing and related industries: aerospace, automotive, chemicals, high-tech, machinery, oil and gas, and utilities. Over 10,000 individuals have used Cambashi’s industry training courses to improve the way they engage with clients and prospects and advance their own professional careers. 

Why industry knowledge is important 

In any customer-facing role, whether sales, marketing, or service delivery, building relationships is important. A little knowledge and understanding of customers’ industries help to re-focus your client-facing staff away from communicating solely in terms of product features and allow them to address the things that really matter to executive decision-makers. Understanding some of the industry-specific jargon can go a long way to helping create rapport with your clients and prospects. 

How to get the knowledge 

One of the ways that companies achieve this is by hiring knowledgeable staff, typically those that have previously worked in the same industry as their customer. The drawback with that approach is that you are not necessarily hiring the best person for the job. 
Another option is to use existing staff’s knowledge to train new hires or retrain staff when they are needed to address a different industry sector. It can seem like the most cost-effective solution until you factor in the opportunities your highly trained staff are missing out on while running internal training courses. 
Cambashi’s courses allow you to utilise the best sales and marketing professionals, by providing the industry knowledge they need. All without losing your most knowledgeable staff from their front-line roles. Cambashi’s CPD certification means you can be sure of a quality e-learning course.  

What does this mean for you?

Even if your professional staff are not required to complete formal courses for their professional development, wouldn’t it be better for them to be valued enough for you to provide the best quality learning that also improves their productivity?  

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