Disruptive Digital Waves Driving High-Tech Companies to Stay on Top of Industry Trends

Latest research from Cambashi indicates that disruptive digital waves of technological and economic change are causing high-tech companies to reinvent themselves and their products, business models and processes.  

More than ever, says the research, for those engaged in the high-tech space, the pace of change means they will need deeper industry insights, underpinned by industry training, to enable them to not only understand the challenges, but also maximise their opportunities. 

“Shockwaves have spread across the technology sector and even those with maximum purchasing power, such as Apple, are feeling the effects,” said Simon Hailstone, Principal Consultant, Cambashi. “With a looming global downturn likely to affect consumer spending, the high-tech sector will face further demand-driven challenges in 2023, placing further pressure on OEMs and suppliers at a time when technology development is increasing.” 

He added: “Given these fast-moving, disruptive waves, it is vital for companies engaged with the high-tech sector to stay on top of these industry trends and challenges. Access to expert-led, up to date, tactical industry intelligence can enable all levels of individuals in these organisations to improve decision making and better understand customer challenges.” 

The high-tech supply chain is a complex and interconnected global network of component suppliers, OEMs, and contract firms, who often produce both consumer and industrial products. Cambashi’s research looks at: 

  • the global manufacturing of electronic components and boards across five key countries 
  • investment and employment trends in the industry by country 
  • investment and employment trends and pressures on the global supply chain, particularly the drive to plug shortages in semiconductor supply. 

Although the industry tiers and connections are similar to other major manufacturing sectors, such as aerospace and automotive, the key role of the ongoing development of semiconductor technologies adds an additional level of dependency. The auto industry is just one sector where the supply chain has come under strain due to chip shortages, says the research.  

High-tech companies face a number of opportunities and threats to their businesses. The companies best placed to deal with a challenge will consider it as an opportunity, whilst those poorly prepared will face the challenge as a threat.

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