Industrial IoT Research

Cambashi is actively researching the Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation market. The aim is to develop an industry-accepted market segmentation that can form the basis for accurately measuring the global market size and composition.

As part of this research, Cambashi has identified a number of Connected Market Areas into which most Industrial IoT solutions fit. For more on these see the Thought Leadership piece on the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’.

Cambashi will use its well-established methodologies to estimate the size of the current Industrial IoT market and forecast the growth in the Digital Transformation and Industrial IoT space.

Market Landscape report

In 2017 we undertook a self-financed research project into the landscape for IoT and Digital Transformation.  This involved interviewing key people in major providers for a report; ‘The Industrial Internet of Things and Digital Transformation; Market Landscape and Trends’, completed in January 2018.  This provided a perspective onto the market from both technical and commercial viewpoints.  This report was only made available to the participants initially, but you can now download a copy here.

Use Cases and Case Studies

Cambashi is actively researching Use Cases for Industrial IoT solutions. As we are currently in the early stages of the Industrial IoT market, there is no common agreement on what constitutes a specific type of solution. These Use Cases will help to crystallize the solutions requirements for Charter Members, giving them a head start in the next stage of the market.

Cambashi’s Industrial IoT Case Study research will also help Charter Members to explain the benefits of implementing Industrial IoT solutions.

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