Market Data

Get crucial marketing and investment decisions right with comprehensive market data for global PLM, IoT software development tools, AEC, GIS, CAD, CAM, and CAE.

The Cambashi Market Observatories are a truly unique set of consistent and multi-perspective datasets.

They provide detailed information on software spend by country, industry and product, and on the size of user communities, for a range of software types, including:

Each data set provides a different way of measuring the use of software in industry, and can be used in combination to support business planning at global, regional and local levels.

Observatory Formats

Each Observatory is available in spreadsheet format as a one-off, or maintained with a licensed data service.

Or consider a customised project?

Our data allows our customer to understand exactly what is happening, and what is likely to happen, in their chosen market. They offer a consistent platform for optimising sales and marketing strategies and guiding investment decisions.

Different Cambashi Observatories

Click on the links below to find out more, or view our webinar series to understand just some of the ways that our Market Data can be used to guide crucial business decisions:

  • The Cambashi BIM Software Market portfolio includes:
    • The Cambashi BIM Design Observatory – end user expenditure revenues for software, broken down by sub-category, including Architectural CAD, Structural CAE, and MEP
    •  The Cambashi BIM Construction Observatory – end user expenditure revenues for software, broken down by 13 vendors and across 12 countries / regions
    • The Cambashi BIM Operation Observatory – end user expenditure revenues for software, broken down by 24 vendors and across 12 countries / regions
  • The Cambashi CAE Observatory captures provider revenues of over 470 companies to help you identify market trends and growth opportunities by industry, and application type
  • The Cambashi Product Observatory segments the technical applications market by product group, revenue stream and geographic area for the top 28 software providers
  • The Cambashi Country Observatory provides a snapshot of market opportunity by investigating technical application spend across 50 countries worldwide
  • The Cambashi Industry Observatory breaks down global technical applications spend into over 100 industry classifications in over 50 countries
  • The Cambashi Employment Observatory highlights the potential user base for technical software in over 100 different industries and occupations and across 50 countries

If you would like more information on the Cambashi Market Observatories please contact the Observatory team at or Tel: +44 1223 460 439.

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