Report: The industrial Internet of Things and Digital Transformation Market Landscape and Trends

January 2018, by Alan Griffiths and Peter Thorne

In this report, we cover the changing landscape of IoT tools, technologies and systems and focus on the questions “what is the industrial IoT?”, “who are the main providers of IoT technology?” and “who pays whom for what?”. To answer these questions, we reviewed leading vendor offers to understand how they deliver diverse, innovative IoT systems, and how they overlap with digital transformation.

We also discuss the disruptive effect of the IoT on industry, and where this may lead. Subsequent analysis lead to the creation of an ‘Observatory’ that shows the Total Available Market for industrial IoT technology by revenue, and Connected Market Area. The underlying information is sourced from structured interviews with many of the key providers in industrial IoT and explains the current upheavals, disruptions and opportunities. Many success stories involve digital transformation for which the industrial IoT is a key enabler and catalyst.

Check the first part of the new 2020 report here. The new, full report will be made available for purchase in December 2020.

Report outline

This report summarises the industrial IoT market landscape in the following sections:

Introduction; re-imagining products, processes and business models; ‘personal’ and ‘industrial’ IoT; the evolution of industrial IoT.

Who should read this report? the key business functions affected and the people/roles involved in those functions who might benefit.

Digital transformation and the IoT; the role of IoT in digital transformation.

The six layers of technology that make up the industrial IoT; understanding the underlying technology helps understand what the various providers offer and where they compete or cooperate.

The main industrial IoT providers (‘who does what’); the IoT ‘ecosystem’ and the categories of companies that offer solutions for the IoT market.

The business case for IoT; how IoT can add value and ways to get started.

The economics of IoT (‘who pays whom for what’); we provide ‘use cases’ and examples to show how providers deliver solutions – often using new pricing and cooperation models.

Challenges and trends in industrial IoT; the main challenges and trends based on our interviews, research and insights.

Acknowledgements: to thank all the companies that fielded executives and experts who provided input to this report.

Further reading and research: interesting and relevant articles, books and papers, and the next steps for our research.