BIM market segment main players / competitors and what is their market share?

Cambashi Forecasts Market for BIM Software will reach $10bn in 2020, growing at CAGR 13% between 2020-2024. More than $6bn will be added in revenue over the next 4 years.

BIM observatory analyses 40+ named vendors and 72+ products across Design, Construct and Operate by revenue.

Where are the BIM market segment growth opportunities? Growth by country, product, industry.

Cambashi’s data identifies the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on revenue growth in all 59 countries, and the knock-on effects over the next five years.

Our research covers AMER, APAC and EMEA and key countries / subregions such as US, China, Japan, DACH, France, UK. Custom segments can be extracted according to your needs and budget.

What is the potential BIM segment market by type of occupation? E.g. Architects, Structural Engineers.

Data from Cambashi’s Employment Observatory shows that globally there are around 200 million people employed in a BIM-related profession.  Worldwide there is 8x the number of managers and skilled tradespeople compared with architects, engineers, and technicians. This represents a significant opportunity not only for BIM software vendors but also for businesses looking for further efficiencies as part of digital transformation.

Using nationally-reported data, combined with Cambashi intelligence on industry-wide activities, the Cambashi Employment Observatory is an invaluable tool for establishing market potential before developing and launching a new product or service. Custom segments can be extracted according to your needs and budget.

What are the new trends in the Construction industry? How do they affect the BIM market?

While Covid-19 is having a negative impact on new office space development, it is providing new opportunities especially around modeling air flow, people movement, and space organization in any kind of building. This could be a factory, a museum, an office, transport, etc. – anywhere that people spend significant amounts of time in close proximity. The need to provide a safe working environment to get businesses back to some kind of normal situation could also result in new linkages between BIM and CAE (computer aided engineering) vendors as well as industrial IoT and Connected Application technology providers.

How is the BIM market affected by Connected Applications and Industrial IoT? market Segment

Cambashi’s data quantifies trends in industrial IoT such as Connected Building, City, Worker, etc.

BIM Market Segment five-year Outlook

Cambashi’s data identifies the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on revenue growth in all 59 countries, and the knock-on effects over the next five years. 

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